Digital Radio


Has Dance Super Digi bit the dust?


No, it’s still on the air.


Because there is no imperative for them to do so - current broadcasting policy is basically non-existent and is basically framed around protectionism of incumbency.

In some respects there is a conflict with the regulators two arms, broadcasting and spectrum management are in many respects incongruous to each other


Oh so true.


Now that my work car has a DAB me to. Currently away on hols and have been listening to KIX a bit also. Triple M country would be better is they employed some announcers in the key time slots. Love The Range and Nashville access


If you think DAB “Triple M Country” is good, the original 91.5FM Toowoomba transmission is even better as it is still programmed locally by David Burton and caters a lot to what people in the area like to listen to… I even give him some comments about the music when I see him in the hallway :grin:


MML should replace NTS with Magic easy classic/classic hits station


That’s good to know and hear!

I had automatically assumed it was the same log/feed as it is on digital radio in the metro markets.


So that’s not the feed that’s used for the digital metro station?


It was billed as a 24/7 version of R & B Fridays but I’m glad that Hits Urban is much more Hip Hop/rhythmic… much more KMEL than Power 106… nice variety with some ‘edginess’ (more so than the Edge).


Oh, how I miss this station! OMG had an awesomely obscure playlist, MMM Greatest Hits was ok as it’s replacement but it’s now a shadow of its former self.

Aussie Digital is also throughly missed, listened to it for about a month but enjoyed it until it got ridiculously replaced with a cheap simulcast of SEN.


Yes I miss OMG too.

And GHD is a shadow of its former self. What have they done to it?


Yeah, it was a really good and unique station. I didn’t listen to it for extended periods of time, but usually if I put it on they’d be playing something I like.

I kinda think it’s something that the ABC should look into - my initial thought was to replace Triple J Unearthed with a broader Aussie music station playing occasional Unearthed tracks, but it seems to already have a strong listener base in its current format.


No apparently not I remember hearing something about the DAB feed coming from Sydney but don’t quote me on that, would rather wait for someone from SCA to comment


Here in Perth, Elf Radio, which replaced iHeartRadio The 80’s has finished and has been replaced with iHeartRadio The 90’s which we’ve never had on DAB+ here before.

The 90’s is quite a good listen, good variety of genres and few ads, compared to Old Skool Hits with a broader set of decades but much narrower genre (except for Awesome 80’s Thursdays which is pretty broad), and commercial FM levels of advertising. I like the change; thumbs up for ARN :grin:

Agreed. We don’t have Greatest Hits on DAB+ in Perth (probably too close to Mix 94.5) but when I’ve listened online it’s pretty repetitive. Clearly The Randomiser is stuck.


SCA is programming a new DAB+ digital radio automated music log station titled triple m aussie digital they are putting this to air January 26th just a quick heads up.


Found a press release:


Thanks @Jack, will be giving this a miss as I really don’t need to hear another flogged to death Cold Chisel track as long as I live.


Aye good one mate!
I don’t mind the sound of this…

Though I wonder what it will replace, or will the bit rates be cut to shreds on other stations to fit it in?


Well they’ve already all but killed Modern digital, so they may as well just replace it.

Hope the station lives up to the former Aussie Digital in Melbourne.