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Splitting out the Digital Radio into two threads as per @Moe’s idea .

The old thread.
The new Digital Radio - Technical thread.

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Suppose I’ll kick off posting…

Since when did Coles Radio have announcers? Was listening for a bit earlier today and they had the songs being announced - felt kinda odd sounding, like a little bit too much like a promo than ‘radio’.

It’s got to be one of the few digital exclusive stations with announcers right now, at least commercial station wise?

Been listening to a lot of Triple M 90s - I’m liking it - they are taking the approach they had on the main Triple M about 8 formats ago, where they say they are including the songs from the Hottest 100 as well as what would be generally in their ‘Rock’ style. That mostly works out well, with a few station turners.

Hard and Heavy is less impressive - I just wish they’d stick to the modern end of things - they play some good music when they are playing newer stuff, but then there’s 70s/80s stuff that just feels more at home on Classic Rock.


I totally agree. I thought the exactly same thing when I first listened to Hard and Heavy. Leave the 70s & 80s for CR.
There are so many awesome rock bands out there like Five Finger Death Punch that should be played on the M’s

The only new stuff that the M’s seems to touch are new songs from washed up old bands.


Great idea, thanks Mods and Moe.


March 2017 apparently, although according to her Twitter, she’s jumped to 97.3.
They’ve sporadically had announcers of late though.

It wouldn’t surprise me however if NE was using Coles as a launchpad/warehousing for new announcers.

Only ones I can think of are Edge (if you could call that exclusive), and potentially CW Remix.
Depending on how you define it, Little Fox could also be in that club, but I’d say that’s debatable at best.

On a similar point, do any of the Caralis stations still have announcers?

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Speaking of Little Fox, @Puggo19 are you still lined up to read the news there?

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Yeah! Was put on hold due to Stage 4, still there though!


What’s the setup for it?

Do you go into SCA and record it daily? Or from home? How often does it air?

I do it from home! Can’t tell you how often it airs, I’ll try and get back to you with that.


FUN is back in Sydney!

Looks like it only took them a few months to work that out,

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Maybe due to 2CH being digital only from Monday the 19th October, although its a very different classic hits format! BTW I remember when FUN went classic hits was around the time WS FM dropped the classic hits slogan.

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HIT Oldskool / Oldskool Hits now have these annoying as hell sweepers where they start the first few bars of a song, say ‘Oldskool Hits’, then start playing a completely different song.

I don’t know if it’s deliberate, a technical glitch or an oversight, but gee it’s annoying.


Here in Perth 96fm 90s has been replaced with CW Remix. Is this nationwide change or just a swap in / swap out because of our limited DAB space?


Yeah, we’ve still got KIIS 90s on DAB+ here in Sydney so probably a Perth-specific change.

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And that Sydney (and other capitals) already had CW Remix anyway.


Indeed. I’d be willing to predict that Chemist Warehouse wanting their station available on DAB+ in all markets was a significant reason for the change in Perth!

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One of my favourite stations gone :frowning: and replaced with branded marketing crap, and worse it’s the awful Chemist Warehouse.

It’s becoming easier and easier to justify listening to my phone even for shorter trips now.


Except that stores well within the DAB+ in building coverage area stream the station, often a song behind, the buffer is poorly configured.

It doesn’t help that CW Remix is just a poor station - Coles Radio is genuinely good, proper variety and a lot of ‘wow’ songs that you haven’t heard in years popping up.

Remix is just bland and safe by comparison - surely that should be their Smooth equivalent or something? A clear defined format away from KIIS and the 90/80s stations.

They need something that can actually draw in the listeners. Otherwise why would people listen beyond in store?


Barix ExStreamer’s I’m told

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