Did They Really Just Play That?

It sounds like it’s playing off a back up tape, seems like there’s been a technical fault somewhere causing that to happen.

Not heard for a while on the retro countdown show on 2st.

Don’t Stand So Close to Me 86 version by The Police


Just after 8:50pm on Smallzy’s Surgery on the Nova Network this evening: “Wonderwall” by Oasis.

Upon checking its release date (October 30, 1995), this was well before Nova was even conceived. While I personally don’t mind the song (it’s one of my all-time favourites), I think this is taking the throwbacks way too far.

You mean “Wonderwall” by Oasis?

Still not the song I would really associate with playing on Nova (even as a throwback).

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Sorry I got too excited and rushed my post! I have edited the original.


“And after all, you’re my Oasisssssss……” doesn’t work quite as well does it?

But still makes sense I guess!

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I think that’s what “throwback” should mean, a good song being played out of the normal range of what the station plays.

When 2000s to now is your normal format, they aren’t really throwbacks when you keep them in the rotation enough.

Keep it in limits, no more than one an hour, don’t play the same track more than once a month, and it’s a little edge of variety to stations that too often have a narrow play list.


Weird Al- “Eat It” playing on River 94.9 as I type this

Song cracks me up and not something I expected to hear on River :rofl:


I didn’t realise that 102.7 Toowoomba has an alternative/indie rock program on Friday nights 7-9pm - with songs that don’t quite fit the RDS description of “Easy Listening”. Happened to first notice Girl From Mars by Ash. You would have to probably go to Rebel to hear many of the tracks.