Did They Really Just Play That?


Lately it’s been Classic Hits on Weekdays & Music That Makes You Feel Good playlist on Weekends.


Honestly who on earth would listen to 4GR when they play rubbish like that on AM when Toowoomba residents at least could tune to River 94.9


Could also listen to 4AK as well but I am a little biased :wink:


Absolutely 4AK would be a better option. I have fond memories of 4AK “Rock in Stereo” from '86/87


Michael Buble - Everything Classic Hits 2CH.


Counting The Beat- SWINGERS

Triple M Aussie.


They followed up this afternoon with Green Light by Lorde. Maybe we’re invading New Zealand earlier than we expected?


The Struts Feat. Kesha - Body Talks
this song on mmm sydney also heard it on rebel fm a few days ago wtf


Also on the regional Ms.


Also heard that one on MMM Melbourne before 8:00pm so it must have went out network wide.


Not to mention the Hit Regionals as well as Hit105 and Hit929


Dean Lewis - Be Alright
Hands Like Houses - Monster
Amy Shark - All Loved Up
Morgan Evans - Day Drunk
Luca Brasi - Clothes I Slept In
triple m sydney wtf as a matter of fact the whole homegrown show is crap


The updates to the market would suggest they’re not. Regional radio not the powerhouse it once was.

Hearing those tracks you mentioned on 4GR MMM raise a wry smile at how out of place they are on a brand with a heritage of male skewed rock.

SCA believe in speaking with forked tongues, you can not have a brand with close to forty years of heritage in metros and think that regional audiences will believe it means something different.

The heritage station generations of your family have grown up has no connection with MMM.

The imaging of MMM regional is very light on and poorly executed. Nothing like the laid on thick imaging of DMGRR in Paul Thompson’s era.

Correct. I was in Toowoomba for a flying visit early last December, so could experience the five stations in market. Go beyond bfast and the four Toowoomba stations begin networked programming. River sounds local with news and relevant traffic right through to local news and traffic at 7pm. Storm updates by the announcers, yes, some of their breaks sound voice tracked but the content is relevant and timely. They may be in the building multitasking.

Community 4DDB a let down too. 80’s style community radio of small audience appeal, opportunity lost.

ABC was a let down, a composite regional drive. Surely the ABC could resource for two staff to produce a Toowoomba originated drive show.

Commission the stereo exciter and will give it a second thought.


One step away by John Farnham on Lake Macq FM 97.3 FM.


I remember hearing this on Triple J back in 2004…

Not sure whether they’d still play it today…


It’s pretty timeless…


Can’t imagine Triple J playing that these days.

On Double J maybe.

Great song though!


Playing right now on supposed “Easy Listening” 2NUR FM Newcastle

One Headlight - The Wallflowers


To be fair, it was played during a specialty program, which is called “The Dungeon”, not during the general “Easy Listening” programming that dominates the station’s schedule.