Did They Really Just Play That?


Hmm when I saw those two I immediately thought of KOST FM in LA.

Am I Wrong is played a lot on KOST and they would definitely follow it up with ABBA or Air Supply for example.


The funny thing, I thought of ACE radio Edge FM. These 2 songs they play a lot of and this is something that they definitely do.


Blame it on the Rain - Milli Vanilli on iHeart Radio The 80s, first time I have heard any Milli Vanilli song on the radio since that infamous lip syncing scandal of the early 1990s.


The Forever Classic stations give ‘I’m Gonna Miss You’ a spin every now and then along with ‘Blame It On The Rain’, mostly during the Friday/Saturday party programmes.


How’s this?

Looking at their playlist via RadioApp, at around 8:30pm tonight, 2GN/2XL/3GG played “Give It Up” by Cut n Move, which was a cover version that’s originally performed by KC & The Sunshine Band. Less than 10 minutes or a song later, the same stations played the original version of the same song by KC & The Sunshine Band!


Heard today on 2DAY FM

Electric Blue - Icehouse
We Built This City - Starship

But out of place, considering a R&B top 40 hit came straight after both :confused:


Just heard on the regional Hit Network.

We Are The Champion- - Queen


Probably only because of the movie rather than a sudden change of musical direction.


We Are Young/Fun on Triple M GHD. Urgh!

And just after I’d heard a few good ones this morning too and was about to defend GHD…


Calling that a ‘greatest hit’ is offensive!


Yes it is offensive. I don’t have a problem with the OCCASIONAL newer song on GHD if it fits the playlist. For example I reckon they could get away with a couple of the rockier tracks from Adele even. Absolute Radio in the UK play Rumour Has It and Rolling in the Deep for example. But that song is just wrong wrong wrong for GHD.


One song I thought I’d never hear on the radio again…

Nothing Can Divide Us - Jason Donovan

Actually, I didn’t mind hearing that song again but I certainly wasn’t to post it in the “Great Songs Heard On Radio” thread :smiley:.

Just played on 2HHH Hornsby (Sydney).


Just heard on 96.9 Hit FM

Caribbean Queen - Billy Ocean

I actually like this song but it seemed a bit out of place for Hit.


Reminds me a few years ago 96.1 Star FM (now Hit 96.1) played Hotel California by the Eagles, during the weekday 9 to 10am hour, back when a different workplace each day could request their favourite songs.


4WK is aimed at a older audience hence the 60s and 70s in the morning and the broadcast of talback
4AK however is aimed at a more younger audience playing 80s-> Now… It is basically the SRN FM Network but on AM here in the Darlings Downs


Is 4AK on FM though on Warwick and/or Stanthorpe?


Yes, it’s on FM in Stanthorpe on 99.5 MHz.


But only in mono, based on the last time I drove through there, which was some years ago now.


You know Stanthorpe is a very lucky little town as they also have Rebel and Breeze along with translators for 4AK and possibly other Toowoomba stations. For such a tiny town, good radio choice!


Goondiwindi in QLD and Gloucester in NSW are others with a good choice of commercial radio stations that are locally transmitted (not quite as good as Stanthorpe but still great for their size).

Goondiwindi has
NOW FM 88.7
2VM 89.5
Rebel 96.3
Breeze 98.7

2RE 100.1
MAX FM 103.3
Breeze 97.7
and coming soon, Rebel 93.7