Did They Really Just Play That?


CeCe Peniston’s “Finally” on Smooth 95.3 with Richard Wilkins this morning - into White Shade of Pale.


Sounds right about Eagle FM’s usual.

Who is the programmer there? Doesn’t seem to be much rigour nor knowledge of music selection.

In the 90 mins driving along the Hume, I often hear obscure tracks.


91.7 The Wave

Looking at their party music from Fri night, I saw track details I hadn’t heard of:

Supernaut, ‘I like it both ways’

Seems to be a Perth based band, good they’ve researched what local bands had success to include that might not be heard as widely elsewhere.


I remember this song was a regular song on 102.5 Edge FM’s ‘Flashback Fridays’


I’m pretty sure I’ve heard MMM Classic Ads (Rock) Digital play that Supernaut track.


I’m not sure, to be honest. I do agree though that the programmer seems to have a very poor knowledge of music selection. It’s as if they have a programmer who is completely out of touch with current Top-40 music, which isn’t a good thing given the format of the station!


Its sister station, 2GN (1368AM), on the other hand, has a really good ‘classic hits’ format, which IMHO, is arguably better than WS, with plenty of 70s, 80s & 90s hit music that are seldom heard on Sydney & Wollongong commercial stations.

The station would be converting to the FM band sometime next year, meaning that one could get a good in-car stereo signal from Mittagong/Robertson to the ACT border.


I can Get Eagle fm Goulburn in 3.5km north of canberra

{In the side note I can get yass fm allso 100.3fm too}


I am concern they may FMify the station then in couple of years. Start to sound like WSFM etc. Time will tell.


Unless Capital sell their stations or something else happens a couple of years time, I personally don’t think we’ll see stations like 2GN have a dramatic format shift once they convert to FM. Similar deal with Grant and their AM stations earmarked for a FM conversion.

Sure, the likes of 2WS and 2GO had format changes post-FM conversion but again, you have to keep in mind the ownership changes that happened in the years after switching over to FM - ARN and SCA (and predecessors to SCA, post-Wesgo) had/have very different philosophies to radio broadcasting that Wesgo had. Even if WS and 2GO never switched over to FM, the current station formats under the ownership of ARN and SCA respectively likely would’ve always happened to some extent IMO.


Yeah I know, if 2WS/2GO were still on AM, it is most likely they would be more like a Cruise 1323 for example. Seems to be this old fashion view that FM was meant to sound more modern is still around in the Australian market. Old people listen to AM, younger people to FM. I would be surprised if 2GN will become Triple M in the coming years :). i98 fm kept a classic hits format for a while when converting to FM, and 2WS was also the some format but it did slowly change. Whilst stations like 4kq/2ca stay the same style of format as what the old 2WS/2UW was.

Though Smooth has proven this principle is not right.


Looking at their playlist via Radioapp, 2GN (along with 2XL & 3GG) have started to add more 00s tracks to their playlist, even before they’re set to convert to FM.

Not really. 2WS, as an AM station, would more like 4KQ in Brisbane, whilst 2GO would have a “Classic Hits” format instead of the “Music That Feels Good” format.

If Nine purchases the SCA’s Nine affiliate stations, then this would allow the possibility for SCA to buy the Capital stations in Goulburn & Cooma, as well as the Grant stations in Nowra & Bega. At the moment, SCA can’t own those stations due to the “4 voices” rule, in which those markets aleady have the bare minimum number of media voices (Capital/Grant, SCA, Prime, WIN).


I think remember before Eagle FM, 2GN played only new music. Going back a few years. :slight_smile:

When FM came… I think most owners decided to keep the oldies format on AM and shift the rest to FM as only the young folk would dare to listen to FM :). 2GN from memory I think was one of the “last” modern stations on AM. A bit off topic.


I remember back in the early to mid 90’s 2WG (Hot Hits) had a similar format. It was the station for us young ones to listen too while 2RG (The Best Songs Of All Time) had a older music format.


Wondering when the last station on the am band that would have targeted a young audience. Maybe in the early 00s?

Radio History
Radio History

I’ll probably get this wrong, but doesn’t 4WK or 4AK Toowoomba still run a fairly young-ish format?


Gold 104.3 played The Gambler by Kenny Rogers this morning during The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show.
It was requested by a listener like all songs are during the show on Friday.


I love that song!

I don’t think it’s TOTALLY out of format for them though.


Yeah that one is a clanger. It would sound out of place even on 4KQ, although I’m sure they’ve played it over the years on the Easter countdown perhaps.


There’s nothing wrong with these songs individually, but played back to back on the same commercial radio station?’

Am I Wrong - Nico & Vinz
and then
Mamma Mia - ABBA

Well, the Super Radio Network have done just that here… hmmm… Not sure about that one…