Did They Really Just Play That?


I think it was used for an insurance ad recently; that may have started it.


young person here. I guess the overlap between uni and high schooler has increased. The Horses is always a staple at any uni party (3rd to last song, before Mr. Brightside and Hey Baby!).

Like Eagle Rock, it’s got this whole ‘aura’ around it - Pants off for eagle rock, while The Horses begins with a huddle during the versus (where two people lift each other up and do a dance of some sort in the middle of the circle) which turns into a full on mosh at all chorus. I guess The Horses has been that bad smell that just stuck around.

I tend to agree - I love that song, but only when I’m well plastered. Not too sure how the younger kids tolerate it. They might just hear it from older siblings/friends or see the trend on Spotify and go with it. That’s the mystery with a good meme, no one really knows why they became so popular.


I don’t know why Horses is getting a lot of action on social media, but I think the song is quite good.

One thing I just remembered from about 2 weeks ago - 2DAY played Oh What A Night by The Four Seasons, around 1pm on Friday 1 December.

I think it was the 1993 remix version, but it was incredibly out of place. Fast paced, energetic dance music followed by a song that would be at home on Smooth or 2CH.


I haven’t been to a uni party for a good 6 years now but here in NZ. It’s usually Angels by Robbie Williams to finish at most house/Work parties I go to. Although at our work Xmas party the other week, The Gambler was last (it was Cowboy themed though).

The Voice by Farnham usually gets a go late on too.


Uni parties have most certainly changed since my day…


“Too Much Fandango” by Ritzi on 2CH Sydney, sometime around 11:30pm last night. Very cool (and rare!) one-hit wonder.


Bucks Fizz - Making Your Mind Up - River 949


A seemingly out of format song selection on Triple M Sydney right now

If I Could - 1927


It’s out of format if it’s actually a SONG on Triple M these days. I expect cricket or uninformed talkback shows.


Besides nominating the entirety of 2DayFM’s playlist today, 4ever - The Veronicas on WSFM this afternoon!


On Saturday I heard two old Veronicas songs on 2Day and that was after hearing a different one on Friday too.


Not really a song but Logan 101 played Desiderata last week - the original, thankfully not the Kamahl version.

Kamhal :slight_smile:


Last Friday on KIIS 101.1 Melbourne:
Better Man - Pearl Jam
Stuck out like a sore thumb, even though it was part of the KiIStory double play. Very out of KIIS’s format!


Bye Bye Baby - Bay City Rollers on Triple M (Fraser Coast).


Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac on Triple M Brisbane right now. Assume its across the network as its on Luke Bona’s show.

Nice to see some ‘off album’ tracks


92.7 Mix FM had the ‘Stinking 70s’ this morning. Some ‘highlights’

Rak Off Normie - Maureen Elkner
Tie A Yellow Ribbon - Dawn
LA International Airport - Susan Raye
Farewell Aunty Jack - Grahame Bond

Certainly had a few of us in the office this morning secretly singing away


Sweet child of Mine Guns and Roses . 2dayfm.


Well, they do claim to play “More Music, More Variety”.

I can’t really complain that they don’t.

2DAY also played Crowded House’s “Better Be Home Soon” this afternoon.

That rekindled a fond radio memory for me, as it was the first time I’ve heard that song on that frequency since I went up to Expo 88 and heard it on FM104, and on the same frequency again on the way back home on 2CHY.


I have no doubt 2DAY would’ve played that song back when it was a hit, given it would’ve fitted the station’s format at the time, which was AC. I wouldn’t be surprised if 2MMM played that song back then too, as both 2DAY & 2MMM were competing with each other, plus the fact that 2MMM effectively became a part-time Top 40 station after 2SM became Light & Easy 1269 in April 1988.


“Babooska” ,Kate Bush on Triple M Brisbane today ,