Did They Really Just Play That?


YMCA - Village People

Right now on 2DAY FM !!

Probably something to do with the Mardi Gras being on this weekend.


Las Ketchup - The Ketchup Song on 97.3FM last night


They’re using the call sign 2Gay FM again this year and playing a lot of dance music today.


The bottom line - Big Audio Dynamite SWR FM. Never heard the song before but its great they dig up songs like these.


Second Chance - 38 Special

Currently playing on 2DAY … Even on their new format, not a song I’d thought they would play.

It’s smack bang in the middle of WS or GOLD territory.


Macho Man - Village People

Heard at the SAME TIME on Coles Radio and FUN Digital in Sydney earlier tonight.

A song you rarely hear on FM, so I would have thought the chances of hearing that on the radio on 2 different stations at the same time would have been very slim, even if they are digital stations.


I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston on Hit 96.9 this morning.


A bit strange for a regional hit station to be playing 80’s music.


I reckon there should be more of it on the regional Hit stations, particularly given the amount of talk and sport on Triple M.
I also think that particular song is pretty timeless in a way. I heard it recently in a movie aimed squarely at teenagers/young adults.


Agree, if the regional Hit stations played more 80’s music, I may start listening to the station again.


The regional Star FMs played quite a bit of 80s music in the early 2000s at a time when the 80s were largely shunned on AC stations around Sydney. I could definitely see some of the poppier and dancier 80s tunes (Prince, Madonna, MJ) getting a run. The rockier 80s hits are played on MMM of course.


2DAY FM just played the country music version of Shania Twain’s “If You’re Not In It For Love” as opposed to the pop version.

Odd choice in my view.


Again probably another song that would play well on regional Hit stations. Maybe they are using 2day as a bit of a model of how they might tweak the regional Hit stations during the day at least.


Living In The Past- JETHRO TULL

Both on The Breeze’s log this morning. These tracks are better suited to Rebel, especially the former which is regarded as one of the first proto-punk songs. I really love both tracks though so I don’t care which station they’re played on.


I would suggest it’s not an intentional effort to play that version, and more likely either an inexperienced MD on Selector, or their new music library in Zetta not having the “known” version.

Today I heard the non Norman Cook remix of “Brimful Of Asha” by Cornershop on 2Day. It was never a hit, and not the version everyone knows.


What A Fool Believes - Doobie Brothers

On iHeart Radio The 80s DAB.

A song recorded in 1978, released in early 1979…
Still, I suppose I’ve seen worse…


Earlier tonight I heard the following song on Brisbane Youth Radio (1197 and DAB).

And She Was - Talking Heads

I’d like to know just HOW does a song that’s over 30 years old relate to youth?


Heard Abracadabra by Steve Miller Band in Smooth FM this morning. Fantastic song but hardly what I’d consider “Smooth/Easy Listening”


I think it’s mellow enough for Smooth…
I wouldn’t expect them to play “Jet Airliner” or “Rock N Me”’ though.
They are a bit rockier than “Abracadabra”.


I think it’s just mellow enough for Smooth. It’s a bit “soul/r&b” in sound even though it’s not considered r&b I guess. They play this one on LA station The Wave, which is an easy listening station but leans toward soul hits (eg Stevie Wonder, some Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin)