Did They Really Just Play That?


Hi Honey Ho - Daddy Cool

On “Fine Music” 102.5 Sydney.

Playing right now.

Not something I was expecting to hear on 2MBS…


I wanna hear this track played on the radio…

Anywhere? Would it fit on any current playlist?


You’ll hear that one occasionally on @Mechsta The Mechie Show, which airs on 2BBB Bellingen from 1800-2000 on the last three Saturdays of the month (they stream). You might also hear it on SWR FM occasionally. I don’t think I’ve heard it on commercial radio; 3GG/2XL or 4BRZ may be the best bets.


I like early 70s songs up to about 1990 best


Thanks - yeah you’re right - would fit in well with the Breeze.


The following two songs were just played back to back on Today’s Country 94.1 Central Coast.

Eagle Rock - Daddy Cool
Chained To The Wheel - Black Sorrows

Neither are noted country music artists.


Regional Triple M network played Lily Allen’s debut single Smile, during the Saturday night party shuffle, not exactly a song I heard too often on Australian radio, even when the song first came out in 2006.


Triple j flogged the living daylights out of that and LDN when it came out.


It’s Raining Men- GERI HALLIWELL

In the middle of a rock and blues show on 2EAR FM.


Toss up between this thread and great songs, Aussie Digital played this yesterday arvo. The Monitors Singin’ in the 80s. Not even sure if i’ve ever heard it let alone seen it. Rather catchy though, both the video and the song have some TV history links too.


This song, and Nobody Told Me, were hits for The Monitors. Both can be heard occasionally on 2XL/2GN/3GG, mostly on Friday and Saturday nights.


Heard on hit101.9 (Fox FM Melbourne) this afternoon: “The Horses” by Daryl Braithwaite. Haven’t heard him on Fox FM since the early 90s when it was an adult contemporary station.


It may have been because Daryl is receiving a special award at the Arias tonight…


Then there’s this, bit of a resurgence.


Yeah it’s funny… both my kids were singing it the other day (they’re 13 and 15)…

I asked ‘oh where did you hear that?’ knowing full well they wouldn’t have heard it on the radio…

Turns out everyone at school’s just been sharing it on Snap… and it’s also going gangbusters on Spotify…

I couldn’t help but mention… ‘Oh interesting fact, do you know the kiwi back-up singer was deemed too ugly to appear in the video?’


Horses is such a shit song.


I have to agree it’s quite a lame song. Why would kids be listening to that?


Obviously haven’t been exposed to some of his better back catalogue.


It’s a curious choice for a viral revival (never mind that I dislike the song as well). Being cricket season and all, I would have thought “Howzat” would be a better option?


Maybe “Howzat” is too old for the kiddies.