Paramount+ has now confirmed Dexter: New Blood will screen this Sunday November 7.

Due to the dateline this looks to be ahead of the US premiere (which is Nov 7 USA).

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‘Dexter: New Blood’ Review: Revival Beats a Tired Story to Death - Rolling Stone
Fairly brutal review of Dexter New Blood.

I’m still going to watch, but it is hard to disagree with a lot of this article on the necessity for this show based on its original run.

That said, I don’t quite agree with everything the article says, I didn’t feel that Dexter dragged on and on.

For me the show peaked at Season 4 but I still found Season 5 and 6 really strong. I enjoyed Season 7 however Season 8 fell off a cliff edge.

And I’m going to throw the comment out there before I’ve seen it - I just don’t think I can get into a Dexter outside of the Miami setting… Miami in and of itself played a character in the show that was fundamental to its identity. The glitzy, sun drenched Miami juxtaposed against the brutal, dark, murderous storyline provided the show with its identity.

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Putting the spare 10 News First money to good use!

Season 4 was absolutely the peak and part of me wishes they ended it there.

Season 5 and 6 were both a letdown, but Season 7 was very good. I prefer to forget Season 8 existed.

I’m looking forward to the new season, with expectations well and truly lowered.

No one else watched it last night?

I saw a few comments from people online saying it wasn’t up at 8pm as advertised.

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It was.


Yeah when I checked it was there on the iOS app, maybe on other platforms it didn’t appear straight away. Either that or people are stupid, also highly likely.

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The Paramount+ interface is pretty terrible, but the episode was there last night.

It wasn’t bad, but it just didn’t really feel like Dexter. The straw that broke the camel’s back seemed to be a bit strange too.

I’ll keep watching to see where this leads…

The second episode is already on Paramount+, it isn’t meant to be up until 8pm.


Forgot we had a thread for this lol

Watched the finale last night… While it has aired in Australia. I’ll spoiler tag in case anyone happens to click through before they see it

Still trying to process my thoughts on the end of Dexter. As much as I didn’t want it to, I figured that the season would end with his death.

Not sure if it was a result of COVID or simply the writing, but Batista’s involvement seemed like a massive missed opportunity. A surprise face to face reunion would have been amazing. I’m glad we got to see him again in the finale, but it could have been so much more.

The reveal of Kurt’s trophy room to Angela was by far the most chilling scene of the season. Would’ve liked some sort of epilogue on that element of the story.

Overall, I think a step up from the exiled lumberjack ending, and from the weaker seasons of the original (5,6,8)


Agree with all your thoughts, @Bort.

I feel like they could’ve had at least a couple more episodes in which Batista worked with Angela to hunt down Dexter for being the Bay Harbour Butcher.

Ultimately though, death was the only right ending for Dexter, IMO. Prison or disappearing again just wouldn’t have felt right. And Harrison being the one to do it was very satisfying. Still quite sad it’s all over though.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a spin-off with Harrison as the main protagonist and possibly Dex as the ghost Harry/Deb character.

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Took a bit to get in to this one, but glad I watched.

The last couple of eps really brought it back and think it regained a lot of spark about why many people enjoyed Dexter when it was at its best.

I’m super late to this as I waiting until I was back from xmas and all episodes had aired before I binged Dexter, it was a very hard temptation to resist as I was a HUGE fan of the original series and have read all the books by Jeff Lindsay as well.

There is so few people in this thread but don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it so will respect the blurring of spoilers…makes for a very blurred post though…

I absolutely loved this season, whilst the first episode of two took a bit to hook me in it absolutely got there. I was very hesitant that alot of what I enjoyed about the initial run of Dexter wouldn’t be replicated in this new setting. For me, the location of Miami played a really pivotal role in the original series but have to say that it was unfounded and they did a great job here.

Whilst it wasn’t at a level of the original series, it was a huge step up from the final season and on par with the later half of the shows run - I know Season 5-7 had their critics but I still really, really enjoyed them. Season 8 is the only one I had big problems with.

I think the show ended the only way it could. Whilst it would’ve been nice to explore what else they might have done had Dexter survived I don’t think it would’ve done the character or the show any good and would’ve continued to tarnish the reputation of the show.

I fully agree that it would’ve been nice to have a face to face reunion with Batista, I wish they had’ve been able to get Batista to see Dexter in the prison cell before shit went down, I would’ve liked a really honest, transparent conversation that highlighted how much of a monster Dexter really is.

I think his death was predictable but as I mentioned, the only way it could’ve and should’ve ended - he should have died at the end of the original shows run but it’s like the writers simply chickened out of going down that path and the show’s reputation and legacy was tarnished as a result.

Fully agree that it was satisfying that Harrison was the one to do it but I disagree that there should be a spinoff focusing on Harrison and his ‘Dark Passenger’. I don’t actually think Harrison has a dark passenger, he was just a traumatised kid who needed love and support. My view is that Dexter manifested the dark passenger because that is what he wanted, Harrisons speech at the end sorta confirmed that for me.