Dancing with the Stars

this show was RIGGED how did Grant Denyer win in 2020 Grant Denyer was the Host of Dancing with the stars

I wouldn’t say Rigged, but controlled and directed by the EP. Seven wants, Seven gets.

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And don’t forget - it was the studio audience (of what - maybe 50 of them?) that chose the winner.

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That’s the disadvantage of pre-recording months in advance. Next season it has to be shown live, with viewer voting to decide the winner.


They better not make Grant the host next season, surely Daryl was only a thing for the all stars seasons.

How many flops does grant need to front before the networks get the hint?

They’ll flog Daryl to death even if it wasn’t an all-star season. Grant wouldn’t stand another chance as host of Dancing considering the poor ratings of the seasons on 10.

Please get someone like Kylie Gillies to host with Sonia next year.

I reckon Daryl has one more season in him until he retires from the telly. But it should be a normal edition of DWTS and not an All Stars version. Two seasons of all stars is enough.

His replacement? Certainly not Grant Denyer.

Should be someone who hasn’t been associated with the show before. To freshen up the show. Maybe someone like Ed Phillips (from Temptation) if he’s still doing TV work? Or Peter Berner f(rom The Einstein Factor)?


Given the dismal ratings for the finale, will the show even be returning next year?

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They probably will give it another go since most of their slate rates about the same. Though I hope they’ll put it later in the year with less intense competition.