Dancing with the Stars


And Kath and Kim?


Possibly but is it usually the case that all are? Most tv audiences wouldn’t have known Mark Wilson, Todd McKenney or Helen Ritchie when Dancing with the Stars launched in 2004. However, Paul Mercurio was known.

So far promos have focused on the hosts (which if you say only the contestants matter then I wonder why bother with showcasing hosts) and random feet that could belong to anyone. I am saying to get the network out of the hole its in it will need to leverage ever potential promo opportunity from every show. The judges on DWTS are part of that mix.


I don’t think you read my post I didn’t say that…


It’s a little bit of everything. A magic formula. As a fan of the UK version, I absolutely love Darcey Bussell as a judge and the hotness of the male pro-dancers. Just beyond! But at the end of the day, they need to get the celebrity “journeys” right. Once you get the audience onboard with them, you have a winner.


I hope Bonnie Lythgoe can be a judge on DWTS. She was a judge on both US and Australian versions of So You Think You Can Dance.


Forgot about her. I’d say she will definitely be one of the judges


If 10 can reinvigorate the show to be more like the UK version then that would be a great start.


Wow Bonnie is 70
Looks amazing




Now that Shane Crawford has joined 10 I’d say he would be a contender.


Back to back celebrity reality shows? Doubt it.


Not to mention once again doing Champions/Contenders again for Aus Survivor (which included a lot of Celebs on the “Champions” tribe).


Time to renamed 10 as the ‘Celebrity’ Central Network :heart_eyes:


Peter ford claims to have the full list:

Curtly Ambrose (cricketer)

Michelle bridges

Miguel maestre

Jett Kenny

Olympia valance

Denise Scott

Constance hall

James Rees (giggle from giggle and hoot)

Samuel Johnson

Casandra thorburn (Karl’s ex)


If that’s true (big IF) then I wouldn’t call that an overly strong cast. It’s not like I’m A Celeb in the sense that they can gain a following because of their personality shining through 5 nights a week if they aren’t less known.


That’s a very ordinary cast.


10 cannot seem to keep things under wraps for these shows.


It would be a strategic leak designed to build buzz.


They’re not going to get anywhere near the younger viewers they want with a cast like that. But since it’s Peter Ford I’m not going to take it serioisly.

For starters, I like Denise Scott but she wouldn’t be well known in the younger demographics would she? Same thing with Miguel. As for Cass Thorburn, since when was she a ‘star’?

The only stars I like in the cast is Olympia Vallance, Jett Kenny and Samuel Johnson, the rest is meh.

If I was to cast I’d probably go with something like this…

*Russell Coight (coz why not)
*Sarah Harris
*Lee Lin Chin
*Olympia Vallance
*Samuel Johnson
*Jett Kenny
*Sophie Monk (dreaming but anyway)
*Colin Lane or Frank Woodley (or both)
*Ash Barty
*Adam Goodes


I don’t mind the cast.