Dancing with the Stars


Yes, but you’re UnAustralian.:grin:


Ex-wives of stars are not stars. Full stop.


She is an accomplished journalist and children’s book author. Yes most people know her as his wife but she’s entitled to time in the limelight


Priscilla Presley says Hi.


A reference from the olden days. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Had anybody ever heard of her accomplishments before an infamous TV star left her? :thinking:


Only Constance Hall and James Rees that l have never heard of before.
Jett Kenny should keep me interested in watching :joy:


No but what’s your point? Had anyone heard of Constance Hall before she went on Big Brother? Michelle Bridges before she was Jillian Michaels’ apprentice on The Biggest Loser Australia?


Constance is a blogger and currently has a radio show on the Hit Network. Hall was also a contestant on Big Brother in 2005.


Were there any other? Mind you, your olden days refer to the likes of Lillian Gish & Douglas Fairbanks.


I still don’t know who she is. :joy: Another person who is not a “star”.


Are you a mum? Not exactly her target audience I suspect. Look at the list. They’re going after women predominately – an advertiser’s dream and the primary product purchaser in most households. Men aren’t irrelevant, just less important in terms of most advertisers.


To be fair Constance didn’t become famous because of Big Brother


It gave her a platform and if you’ve got that it’s a lot easier to get your foot in the door, make connections and leverage other talents.


The bigger reveal is the shock move to Seven!! :open_mouth:


I think “famous” is quite a stretch too. :wink:


I don’t even think that gave her the platform though.


According to interview on Mediaweek, Dancing with the “Stars” has a Monday timeslot.


Dancing with the Stars? Judging by that list, I’d say it’s more like Dancing with People You’ve Vaguely Heard of in the Media!

If that list is correct, then it seems like a wasted opportunity to have a children’s TV host from the ABC as a contestant, when Ten’s own kids TV department have talent which certainly could use some primetime/main channel exposure.


If only Lee Lin Chin, Russell Coight and Tim Bailey could go on DWTS. Social media would go nuts.

So much for their ‘younger-skew’. I’m yet to see someone who fits into that category.


But wouldn’t the Ten hosts be People You’ve Never Heard of in the Media?