Dancing with the Stars


Maybe this was a clue. :smiley:



Which is the current UK Strictly model. Works well.


Sourdough, perfect for avo and an almond latte audience



Can I ask what is the difference between “Chief Programming Officer” and “Head of Programming”?

I know the titles have changed slightly at 10 now, but Beverley and Daniel are still in these roles respectively (previously it was Mr Mott and Beverley).

Because I know some members here, such as @cmo, have criticised 10’s programming team from both an oversight and operational perspective “this McGarvey woman” and “she has no idea” and “10 should’ve sacked this McGarvey lady”.




New judges.


Basically all unknowns to the general public. It’s a shame they couldn’t get any faces that are more well known or familiar. I’m all for embracing change but something feels off about this decision.


Bonnie lythgoe will Be the familiar face.

Super surprised they didn’t get Todd!


She’s not on the list.

Don’t believe everything you read in New Idea and the Daily Mail. Last week they said the judges would be: Todd McKenney, Bonnie Lythgoe and Bruno Tonioli.


But that is only three judges I was sure Bonnie was a judge.


Well, they’d better prepare 'cause international dance heavyweights Craig Revel Horwood, Sharna Burgess and Tristan MacManus are headed for the judging panel.

Now who are they?


Read the article.

When the original DWTS started, two of the judges, Helen Richey and Mark Wilson, were unknown. Paul Mercurio was known for one movie role and Todd McKenney wasn’t very well known.


Who, who and who?


Is Bonnie Lythgoe going to be a judge or not? Strictly Come Dancing has four judges.


It doesn’t look like it according to the media release.


I like that they are relatively unknown. The show has enough (so called) stars without the judges also being the main draw cards. Craig has bucket loads of experience with the format and knows how to create drama on TV - has been doing it for years and years.

I’m quite glad they have gone down this route.


Well they couldn’t go with Grant or Amanda, and I guess Chris and Julia were busy. That doesn’t really leave anyone in the Ten stable.


Sharna has a big personality too. I’ve seen her interviewed a lot on Entertainment Tonight. She was popular and they kept getting her back on the show a lot.