Dancing with the Stars


Agree with everyone about the promo looking fantastic.

The show was axed on Seven because it was skewing too old and viewers were abandoning it.


I am surprised that Ten picked up this show because it did skew old when it was at Seven. I thought Ten was trying to skew young?


They were desperate and DWTS is a known brand that could deliver them the die-hard viewers that watched Seven. Yes they may be older but it could be a calculated move to diversify the Ten audience.

The bulk of the cast would be relevant or recognisable to 16-39, 18-49s or 25-54s (Cassandra, Jimmy, Constance, Olympia, Miguel, Michelle, Courtney, Jett, Samuel)


I think it is more that Ten are looking to ‘family-friendly’ viewing and this is something that a family can watch together.


I think this is exactly 10’s thought and I think they wanted an event style show that they haven’t had in a while.


The promo is superb and makes the Dancing with the Stars concept feel fresh and fun again. Ten look to be doing a great job with it.


Never a fan of Dancing but the promo looks great, probably still won’t watch as it isn’t my cup of tea but I hope it brings 10 an audience.


I agree with what everyone else has said about the promo. However, I don’t see anything about it which makes the show feel ‘fresh’ - well not to the extent Grant Denyer promised in the press release announcing DWTS’ return:

This series will be much bigger, more glamourous and dazzling than ever."

So far conceptually, it feels like the same show which previously aired on Seven


Do you really know anything about the format of the show yet? Hard to say that’s the case if we haven’t really been told anything about that, other than the hosts and now the celebrities.


New set, new series, new stars, new hosts etc.


Even right down to one of the main presenters, if we’re being honest.

Grant Denyer was long associated with the Seven Network even though he’s been (back) at Ten for almost half a decade now. From what I recall, Grant also won or came very close to winning one of the earlier Channel Seven seasons of Dancing With The Stars.


Grant did win I think in 2006.

Amanda isn’t a stranger to the show either, having participated in one of the earlier seasons.


The show hasn’t been on the air for several years. Look at it as bread. The product is the same but a fresh loaf is on a new shelf in a different shop.


Ten will be hoping it isn’t toast.


Is it wholemeal or white? Because I really should only eat wholemeal.


This interview was great, for anyone that missed it.


Amanda Keller appeared in fifth series and was eliminated in the fifth round.

Grant Denyer won the fourth series.


So on Ten this will skew younger, will it perhaps be more like the UK version (which I heard is different to the Seven version ? )


True. Hence why I qualified my comments with basing it off the promo and saying “so far”

First and last aspect are a given since it’s on a new network. New stars is also a given due to the 2nd aspect


Maybe even a new musical director? When the show was in Melbourne, Chong Lim was musical director. Will he join the show in Sydney or will someone like John Foreman replace him?