Dancing with the Stars


I’m still not sold on Cass as a celebrity but that’s just me.

Samuel and Curtly look fantastic though. Should be a good season.


She was on Studio 10 this morning… She said sounds very odd the celebrities then you get to me. :joy:
She is a lovely lady and very down to earth good luck to her on the show.


Don’t worry she doesn’t think of herself as a celebrity either. :smiley:


Just a “star”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The tabloids are going to go feral. Samuel Johnson mentioned this morning in his Fitzy and Wippa interview that Cass slapped him on the bum during their photo shoot a couple of days ago. I’m sure there will be a cover story of a hook-up in New Idea very soon. :joy:


Was the cast ever leaked? Drip fed reveals from the network to maximise coverage or all in one hit on Today Tonight?


Yes, there were leaks every year and plenty of speculation from all sections of the media. The reveals were done in different ways in different years. Sometimes in the newspapers or magazines. Sometimes on Sunrise or Today Tonight.

You have to remember that times change and with the explosion of social media, things are done differently now. Everything gets leaked early. From TV show presenters, to reality show contestants and storylines for scripted TV shows.


Can’t believe 10 have resurrected this show, especially for a younger network like 10. The ratings (for Seven standards) in the last year a few years ago with Edwina and Shane Bourne were pretty bad. This is risky but like all attempts to re-launch I hope it finds an audience.

I must say, I was never a watcher back in the original years with Daryl and Sonia, though did for some reason start watching the season with Mel B and got into it, that season(s) had some flare but it was also the judges like Helen and Todd who helped make it.

Do we know any major structural changes announced to the format?



It’s an established brand, that had a loyal following last measured at around 800k. I understand that was in a time period where the numbers were less acceptable than they are now for a network like Seven. Given Ten’s troubling lack of content that resonates, I can understand why Ten resurrected it.


I could’ve sworn the ratings were more like barely 600k on a Sunday?


I was also surprised they picked up dancing with the stars. I hope it works for them but this show has never interested me and I doubt I will tune in just because it’s on another network.


I dare say you’re not the target audience so whether you do or don’t watch won’t matter much to Ten. The ratings were definitely declining and it could either go the way of Australia’s Got Talent, which Nine failed to revive – or something like Big Brother, which Nine got a few seasons out of after Ten let it go. We’ll have to wait and see.


What do you think the target audience is then?


Probably women 18-49 or 25-54


Just women? Seems a bit odd for main channel content. I would actually I fit the 10 demographic they are going for.


Aren’t you a man? Obviously they want men to watch it as well but the primary target audience is probably women. How many men watch couples dance versus women?


I don’t they are just targeting women. I think that is a narrow minded demographic.


I meant earlier that I only recognise Samuel.


You should get out more often. of course, if you just watch downloads of American shows and movies, how are you supposed to know what’s happening in Australia? You’ll become a foreigner in your own country. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They keep peddling “Under 50s”, yes they’re within that demographic (except 50-54), but they’re still individual demographics.

They’re just focusing on one encompassing - “Under 50s”. Aren’t they?

Though I can’t see how Dancing won’t rate in Over 55s tbh