Dancing with the Stars


Without fail each time a new celeb show is launched people make the same criticisms about the calibre of talent. I don’t think the networks care or viewers if you look at the figures for these various sorts of shows that have aired since DWTS began in 2004.


Whats moving to Seven??


Look at the article. Clearly a joke as peter ford made a mistake stating it was coming to 7.


Agreed, although I personally would’ve said that Sandra Sully might also have made for a great contestant.

Perhaps, but at least it’d make for good network cross-promotion opportunities.


It’s probably more the appeal that he already has with kids plus the mums (and I dare say some dads) will be tuning in to cop a glimpse :wink:


In the SMH, in response to Peter Ford’s claimed exclusive:



It also states that the cast will be revealed in the next fortnight.




Wasn’t Michelle Payne supposed to be on the show?


Maybe you’re thinking of Michelle Bridges, as she is rumoured to be on the show?

Michelle Payne is currently pregnant if i recall correctly or maybe i am thinking of someone else


You may be right. I’d heard that Michelle Payne (jockey) was meant to be going into the jungle, then someone said that it was actually DWTS, which actually makes more sense to me. I hadn’t heard she was pregnant though.


Cassandra Thorburn has outed herself as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. The headline in The Daily Telegraph, and the photo with the story in Confidential:

Confidential also has an interview with Samuel Johnson confirming his appearance, and it also claims to confirm Curtly Ambrose.


Confirmed. Samuel Johnson being interviewed by Fitzy and Wippa right now about DWTS.



Only recognise the guy.


Er, there are 2 guys.


If we go along with this logic, former DWTS judge Mark Wilson appeared on Studio 10 the other day…


Cass looks stunning. Great buzz building for the Ten brand show. Why were Seven never capable of generating this sort of speculation or buzz in the lead up to DWTS when it aired there for them? I guess they never needed to in earlier seasons but the differences in approach are interesting.


Who says? I think you have selective memory.


There certainly was. It was all you would read about for months on end.