Dancing with the Stars


Promos ran tonight; separate ones for each star.


10’s new look is great on the new promos. So versatile.


Constance Hall was on Big Brother in the past and got kicked out for lying about being single. Now she is on radio and is also an author. Must be doing something right to have 1.2 million followers on Facebook and 363k on Instagram.


Women are a lucrative market because they are the primary purchaser of households goods. Advertisers largely want to promote purchase of household goods and attract loyalty from primary purchasers (women). It’s no surprise content skews heavily towards this demographic (MAFS, Bad Mothers, Playing for Keeps, Secret Bridesmaid’s Business, Bachelor franchise, Love Island etc).

Agree, it has always skewed old in most countries it airs in. Seven tried to get younger viewers watching but it never worked.


Bonnie Lythgoe is a judge.


10 really love this lady. Doesn’t she go back to SYTYVD Aus 11 years ago


I’m not doubting adversities want primary purchasers but we all know in the modern day that women aren’t always the primary purchasers. What about same sex couples?


Well wouldn’t you find that answer if you just Googled it?

The answer is yes. Bonnie was a judge on So You Think You Can Dance Australia from 2008 to 2010.


Lol true, but despite what social media may suggest gay people are not a large part of the population. They matter of course, television is a mass medium. Seriously, why do you think Gilette got such traction with their recent ad aimed at women?




I think you will find they are a larger part of the population than you think and also hugely popular with advertisers as people who identify as gay generally have more spare money to burn. I’m just saying I don’t think 10 commissioned DWTS targeted at women. I think you are way off there. And I do think I am the targeted demographic for that show although have no interest in it.


Yes i’m very aware how far the pink dollar goes but disagree with you that it’s not aimed at women.


Might have to agree to disagree.


The full line-up for the upcoming season was revealed tonight:
Samuel Johnson
Cassandra Thorburn
Curtly Ambrose
Courtney Act
Jimmy Rees
Constance Hall
Miguel Maestre
Olympia Valance
Michelle Bridges
Denise Scott
Jett Kenny
The new season will premiere on Monday February 18.

So Peter Ford is right after all. He only misses out on Courtney Act.


I’ve changed my mind, that cast actually doesn’t look bad.


I’ll give this fluffy giggle time waster reincarnation a go, doubt it’ll rate more than 600k and bomb hard in the key demos (i.e.) Seven’s problems before axing a few years ago


Not a bad cast at all, didn’t expect Courtney Act but what a good get by 10! Will give it a go, I’m really hoping they can capture some essence of the UK version which is far superior IMO.


Have to agree. I’m not a massive fan of this show but they have a good pick of celebs for this one who should prove entertaining!!! Looking forward to it!!!


Good on 10 for bringing Courtney Act further into primetime following her stints on The Project.

Some promising cast members! It also comes down to the format. DWTS is glamour, elegance and fun. Let’s hope it’s pulled off well.


One name can do that. Suddenly I went from not watching to giving it a go.

Also I think this proves @ryan1890 10 aren’t going for just a female demographic :wink: