Dancing with the Stars

I haven’t watched it yet,because I can’t record 2 shows at once on my PVR and I was recording Masterchef.Next Sunday I’ll record DWTS instead as I usually fast forward all the boring stuff and only watch the couples dancing

The quality of the recording not 100% due to some interference but a good interview with Adam if people are interested:

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I’m reading this isn’t showing in QLD tonight?

Why not?

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Trump coverage

Airing in QLD.

A quickstep up the leaderboard for Samantha Jade


Ambitious moves and sweaty grooves on Dancing With The Stars

Tonight on Dancing With The Stars, a second group of new stars took the ballroom by storm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Determined to win dancing’s biggest competition, pop-princess and pocket-rocket Samantha Jade shot to the top of the leaderboard with a score of 31 for her Quickstep. Judge Sharna Burgess was left speechless by her first routine.

Better Homes and Garden ’s resident tradie Adam Dovile had all the right tools with his energetic Jive receiving 26 points. Helen Richey fedback to a sweaty Adam that while his performance was not perfect, his enthusiasm and passion made up for it.

Craig Revel Horwell was boo’d from the audiences for his harsh comments to Dual Olympian Nova Peris: “[She was] jerky and lumpy and when she turned, she looked lobotomised.” Nova scored the lowest on the night, with her Viennese Waltz earning only 19 points.

Comedian Nikki Osborne received 20 points for her Cha Cha, which included a very ambitious and high-risk lift. While the judges told Nikki that she shows promise, they commented that she needed to connect her core through her limbs more.

Hayden worked his way up Helen Richey’s flirty leaderboard, but his bone rattling Tango saw him only land himself in the middle of the real leaderboard with 20 points.

Shane Crawford rounded out the evening, with what Sharna called her “favourite performance of the night.” Applying his own personality and charisma to his Cha Cha, Shane’s showmanship earned him 22 points from the judges.

The final leaderboard for the night:

  • Samantha Jade and Gustavo Viglio: 31
  • Adam Dovile and Jess Raffa: 26
  • Nova Peris and Craig Monley: 19
  • Nikki Osborne and Aric Yegudkin: 20
  • Hayden Quinn and Lily Cornish: 20
  • Shane Crawford and Ash-Leigh Hunter: 22

Catch tonight’s performances below:

Samantha Jade’s high-energy Quickstep

Adam Dovile’s lively Jive

Nova Peris’ unforgettable Viennese Waltz

Nikki Osborne’s cheerful Cha Cha

Hayden Quinn’s bone-rattling Tango

Shane Crawford’s comical Cha Cha

Next Sunday on Dancing With The Stars, the first group of celebrities return to the floor.

Will Julie Goodwin be able to dance? Who will be the first celebrity eliminated?

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How funny was the Nikki segment

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I’ve already caught up on the first 2 episodes of this season,Dr Chris is doing great as co -host with Sonia👍