Dancing with the Stars

So we’re going to have Dr Chris Brown appearing on both Dancing with the Stars and Dream Home across the week. Talk about over exposure.


How’s it any different to seeing the same people 4 nights a week in shows like The Block and MasterChef?

At least these will be two entirely different programs.

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I hate those shows.

Dr Chris and Sonia assemble a stunning list of stars

Dancing With The Stars throws unexpected celebs in the spotlight

Look out! Dr Chris Brown and Sonia Kruger are in the driver’s seat and they’ve rounded up a dazzling new cast of celebrities for a brand new season of Dancing With The Stars, coming soon to Channel 7 and 7plus.

The hottest new hosting duo have plucked the most highly-anticipated ensemble of celebrities to date – straight from their natural habitats – thrusting them into the spotlight and onto the dancefloor.

But they’re certainly not the cast anyone would expect…

Who ever thought Ant Middleton would swap the SAS course for a Samba?

Did anyone anticipate Julie Goodwin serving up a Cha-Cha instead of a Crème Brûlée?

Since when could Adam Dovile build the perfect Waltz?

Dr Chris and Sonia have caught them, and now the stars have spent weeks perfecting their moves to compete for their chosen charity.

The most surprising Dancing With The Stars cast in history will face the judgement of panel Craig Revel Horwood, Helen Richey, Sharna Burgess and Mark Wilson.

Who will be crowned champion of Dancing With The Stars 2024?

The Dancing With The Stars 2024 cast:

  • Adam Dovile – Better Homes and Gardens DIY presenter

  • Ant Middleton – SAS Australia Chief Instructor

  • Ben Cousins – AFL legend and 7NEWS Sport presenter

  • Hayden Quinn – Chef and TV host

  • James Stewart – Home and Away actor

  • Julie Goodwin – Chef and author

  • Lisa McCune – Actor

  • Nadia Bartel – Fashion designer and model

  • Nikki Osborne – Comedian

  • Nova Peris – Olympian and former senator

  • Samantha Jade – Singer

  • Shane Crawford – AFL royalty

Dancing With The Stars is produced by BBC Studios Australia and New Zealand from a format created by the BBC and distributed by BBC Studios.


Bit of a lower budget promo compared to past seasons. Weird that Ant is portrayed as the top billed celeb. I would have thought that was Ben Cousins?


Would be a bit hard to promote an ex-AFL player in NSW & QLD

I didn’t take it that way. It’s just a novel way to end it.


Do we know the air date?

Channel 7 with some more questionable casting.

To this day I don’t understand how australia (or channel 7) can continue to give Ant Middleton work. He has been completely black listed in the UK.

Ben cousins also, I know this casting was done a long time ago but is it really a good look?

I wonder if Bruce Lehrman will be given a shot next year.

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But not before he was given other opportunities on Seven, such as 7 Perth Sport?

Don’t be silly, he’ll be on SAS in some sort of redemption story :roll_eyes:

At Seven this is considered a career move

Well true they have been making these decisions for years. I just don’t know how good this looks in the current climate on a national stage. But I guess 7 don’t really care.

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While the promo isself is very good, as well as the stars, I was a little underwhelmed, in terms of not showing snippets from actual episodes like in rehearsals or on the dance floor (perhaps only rushes so far and nil post prod.) and an obvious omission was the judges. So we’re probably to expect another, bigger ‘sneak peek’ soon?

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One man’s trash is another’s treasure, unfortunately.

I think this is one of their best casts tbh.

Dr Chris everywhere

If you find domestic violence offenders, anti vaccers and racists enjoyable then I guess it is. I find it hard to believe they couldn’t have found better role models.

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Channel 4 dropped him because “its ‘views and values’ do not align with those of the former soldier and TV presenter”.

He tweeted the Black Lives Matters protestors were “extreme left” and “absolute scum” akin to the English Defence League who are an extreme right islamophobic organisation. He also told people to ignore safety measures implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic, vowing not to let the virus “dictate my life” and describing people who followed government guidelines as “sheep”.