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Yeah 40k at Adelaide oval. But this was a derby. Both Melbourne sides. No excuses in my opinion. It’s not a good figure. Great match though.


I don’t think that will factor in to anyone’s consideration at all. The Women’s World Cup is mostly at smaller venues - only the finals will be ‘big’ events, and hardly take away from the rest of the summer.

If anything, it will be the 2020-21 season impacted by the summer of cricket feeling extremely long by having the Men’s tournament in October/November.

To me, if they want to help address crowd sizes - they need to make the salary cap more flexible and get some money into the teams - there need to be some big name overseas signings, and not losing players to play in the Bangladesh Premier League instead of the BBL.


You’ll have the mcg that’s hosts a few games + final, scg and the waca.


The MCG only hosts the final, all other Melbourne games are at Junction Oval. The SCG only hosts the semi-finals, and the WACA is a small ground.


Also Manuka oval, Canberra and spotless stadium and junction oval hosts a feel matches. The final will be played on 8 mar 2020 at mcg so the staff at MCG will have to paint out the final a day before the match begins. I feel crowd number will be low


So why would you think it would make a difference to BBL crowds?


They will play at smaller grounds during the tournament season. The semi finals and the finals will probably get higher numbers.


I was quite impressed with the crowd size.

40,816 is pretty impressive.

It’s domestic cricket and if we take two steps back and just look at it from a broad perspective - no international superstars… just local up and comers and old grey haired Christians… we should be impressed… 10 years ago I would have been impressed with a crowd this size at any domestic game.


But only a few years ago a derby was getting 70-80k. It’s a massive drop for an all melbourne final. I find it astonishing how some can say it’s impressive. It’s just not. Cricket has failed this year for Cricket Australia in all aspects and formats and platforms.


I meant from previous derbies.

Game 16 got 46k at the same venue this year. Last year crowds of over 45k saw the derbies as well. It is a low figure and proves CA has failed this year.


It’s also the second highest BBL final crowd, just short of a 47k crowd at the MCG for Stars v Thunder in BBL05. A final that certainly was helped by being scheduled during the school holidays.

I think it was a good crowd in the context of the bad finals system after a tournament that dragged heavily, which is even more evident with the disastrous crowd figures for the semi-finals. When you consider the Friday night semi-final got 15k, then the result for the final isn’t not bad at all by comparison.

Famlies can’t really budget for getting tickets to a final they don’t know will happen - and Renegades fans were asked to go to two finals in three days - with all the money out of pocket.


I agree.

There’s really two arguments here.

This game in the context of finals.

And this game in the context of games between these two franchises.

Funny thing, and just an aside… my favorite game of the football season was the Chiefs v Rams. Epic game. But everyone knew that had these two teams met in the Superbowl - that was in no way going to compare to the fabulous game played during the season.

The BBL finals seemed to be nothing more than a ‘formality’ just to ‘tick off’ what promised to be a great season, that merely panned out to be a long, arduous tournament of one-sided contests lacking in big names.


I get your points? But its still a fail by CA. They should address these issues.



I think the finals system might be better with the following schedule:

Thursday - 1 v 2
Friday - 3 v 4
Sunday - Loser of 1v2 v Winner of 3v4

And then have the final the following Saturday night.


I like that idea. However, it is dragging it out more.


My BBL finals schedule looks like this:
Friday - 1 v 2
Saturday - 3 v 4
Wednesday - loser of 1 v 2 v winner of 3 v 4
Friday / Saturday - grand final

Both semi finals can also be played on the same day (Saturday).


Even though I have zero interest in 20 over cricket, perhaps they should make it 1 vs 2 in a best of 3 series with no semi finals…