I think that this will be sold out final. Expecting 46k at marvel stadium.

Had the game being played at mcg the derby will get More than 90k


Delusional if you think this would be getting 90k


It was only a couple of years ago that a regular season BBL game at the MCG between the Stars and Renegades got 80k, and this is the final.


Was 3 seasons ago actually.
And the equivalent game this year drew 46k so a game 3 years ago is hardly a comparison.
They were still trying to flog off GA tickets this afternoon so not sure why anyone thinks it is a sell out either. Capacity is 53359, no idea how 46k is a sell out either.


What is happening to the Stars here?!

They have just lost 4 wickets for 6 runs, chasing the Renegades seemingly sub par total of 145, and have gone from cruising at 0-93 to faltering at 4-99, including the big wickets of Stoinis and Maxwell.


Stars are gone! Renegades for the win :sunglasses:


Just lost another one!

Three overs left, need 38 more…

Can’t see the Stars winning this now, not with Maxwell back in the shed.


And another one, 7 down for 19 runs. Could get bowled out, talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! This is crazy!


It’s all over!

Renegades win by 13 runs.


What a BBL final! Melbourne Renegades were struggling at 5/65 in the 11th over, before Cooper and Christian scored 80 runs to guide their team to 5/145. The Stars were cruising at 0/93 before losing seven wickets for 19!! That has to be one of the biggest chokes in cricket history.
Christian was named player of the final for scoring 38 runs and taking two wickets.


Great crowd. Just over 40k at marvel stadium. It was Sunday arvo and the renegade show has erupted at the stadium. I feel that stars were off to a steady start but in the 15th over they started to squander. Wickets tumbled everywhere


Poor Eddie though. President of two clubs that choke :rofl:


I was thinking that earlier too!


Sportsbet and others already started…


I think that is a shocking crowd actually. Melbourne derby and final. The Adelaide Strikers got the same crowd at a venue with less seats. This should have been close to capacity and I think CA should be embarrassed at the figures.


Despite the school term resuming for students I feel that 40k is a good crowd in February.
If the final game being played at MCG they will get over 80k


This argument has no merits considering it was a Sunday afternoon game.

AFL finals can manage close to 90K during the school period…


A Sunday arvo game. Last year bbl had 40.7k people at adelaide oval but this year had 40.8k at marvel stadium. So I should br happy about this crowd figure. But I’m 2019-20 I feel that crowd numbers will start to take a dive. I think it’s got to do with the women’s t20 World Cup coming to Australia


I’d go between both of you and say it was an OK crowd. Considering the short notice for the fans (2 days) and the fact it is not school holidays anymore I think the figure gets a pass for me.


So which do you actually think?