Kind of ironic, as after Australia were bowled out for 88 against South Africa in Hobart a couple of years ago, James Sutherland apparently said to the Australian players “We are not paying you to play, we are paying you to win”…

That says a lot about the mentality of cricket in Australia at the player and management level, and the CPA pay deal and subsequent TV rights deal has a big part in that. The $2 mil contracts for the likes of Smith and Warner have to come from somewhere.


They need to clean out the entire company. Lunatics run it as well as the cheats and sore losers. They need to be given a new chance but they also need some more punishments, and sacking the rest of the existing management is the most obvious way.

With that prick Sutherland and fkwit Peever gone the rest of the higher management who can’t stand losing and also can’t be half-arsed to train the team properly can f**k off.


Hold on, the underarm incident isn’t exactly comparable to last year’s. At the time, it was a legal delivery (yes, it was against the spirit of the game) - the sandpaper incident was not legal at the time

Mr Benaud said it best


And the downfall of the Australian Cricket began in Mar 2018 with the ball tampering scandal involving Steve Smith, David Warner, Cameron Bancroft (he returned on 30 Dec 2018, though not ready to come back to playing Test Cricket sometime), the resignation of Darren Lehmann, sponsor withdrawals, Nine ending Summer of Cricket broadcast after more than 40 years of broadcast - with Fox and Seven getting the rights [Fox Cricket getting all cricket formats - the Tests, Limited Overs, BBL and WBBL, Seven with Tests, BBL, WBBL, Women’s Cricket]. I’d say that 2018 has been a disastrous year of cricket in australia. There have been massive mixed reactions to the new cricket broadcast rights deal.
Richie Benaud, Tony Greig, Phil Hughes and Kerry Packer will be rolling in their graves about this.


Doubt it I believe he was cremated after his public funeral.


I’ve always found that a tasteless comment.

Cricket was on a downward spiral before 2018 I feel.


To make it sound like Australia is the only country that has done any wrong in cricket is crazy. How many other scandals and bookie scandals have there been?
Also, cricket is not the only sport with scandals. Lance Armstrong in cycling, the drugs culture in the West Coast Eagles and the doping of various AFL teams, the sex scandals in the NRL, tennis doping, athletics doping, Chinese swimmers, Tonya Harding in the ice skating. Just about any sport has had a scandal or cheating incident and from memory there were other countries last year actually applauding Cricket Australia for the bans handed down to the players because they were harsher than other countries would have given and showed that it was being taken seriously. The fact that so many heads have rolled and that a new culture is developing is a sign that things are changing for the good and they do need to be forgiven. Bancroft is back and getting better and better each game. They’ve all suffered, we need to be able to be mature enough to forgive. We don’t have to forget but Australia is supposed to be about giving people a fair go and that includes when people have stuffed up and let us down.


The Australia v India cricket match played at Adelaide oval was very hot and sunny. I think that cricket players must take drinks break for every 30 minute intervals.


They had 3 drinks break instead of the usual 2.


We were the only ones stupid enough to get caught, though.


In very hot conditions in Adelaide, Australia batted first and scored 9/298 thanks to Shaun Marsh’s magnificent 131 (second international hundred by an Australian batsman this summer) and Glenn Maxwell’s 48. Marsh and Maxwell were scoring freely and with less than three overs remaining, threatened to push their team’s score to 300 and beyond. But India fought back and claimed four very late wickets in ten balls. Those 10-20 runs missed by the Aussies in the last three overs could prove crucial.


I am assuming that 100 today was the first 100 of the Australian summer in any form of the game.


Shaun Marsh scored 106 versus South Africa in Hobart.


It’s Shaun Marsh’s second hundred in an ODI this summer! Made 106 against South Africa in Hobart in November.
Edit: cheers Frankie, I hadn’t got as far as your post when I typed that.


India has pulled off a great run chase, beating Australia by six wickets in Adelaide tonight, to level the three-match ODI series at 1-1. The decider is in Melbourne on Friday but showers have been forecast so it could be a washout.
The back end of Australian innings indeed proved to be crucial. The home side lost their way in the 47th to 49th overs, conceding four wickets before Nathan Lyon pushed the score to 9/298. Had the Aussies made 320, who knows what could have happened? It was also pointed out by commentators on Macquarie Sports Radio that Australia had a slow start (1/38 after 10 overs and 3/88 after 20 overs) which also cost them the game in the end.
India jumped out of the blocks thanks to Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan. When they were dismissed, Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni picked up the baton and managed the run chase well.


Who takes the win on Friday?

  • Australia
  • India
  • Tie

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Technically, I think you mean “Draw” (no result) instead of “Tie” (which is when the scores are level at the end of the game).


I just thought it was going to be a return to the gentleman’s game and everybody would show up well dressed.


The problem with “Tie only” is that too many cricket bogans will take this too literally :smile:


Someone forgot to pay the power bill at the Gabba with lights going out