I’m looking forward to the Ashes this year…

Hopefully Channel Nine will have their classic cricket opening theme…

That to me is cricket.


Which is a music library piece - not entirely unique to Nine.


Barge arse?


Yep! Bluey was used as the basis for the Late Show’s Bargearse. But they didn’t use the music.


I’m not surprised the music didn’t originate here in Australia…

Not much does…

We are a pretty dull bunch…


Not to mention… cheats…


Or- in the jargon of economics- a “net importer of ideas”.

A new era has dawned in Australian cricket with yesterday’s thumping victory over India. The incomparable side, decked out in the infamous 1989 canary yellow, were merciless in their application of cricketing prowess. With the addition of prodigal sons Warner and Smith in the coming months, a return to the top of the tree is surely nigh.


I think it’s a bit early to say that after just one win, when Australia had lost 17 of its last 19 games before yesterday.

This is a three match series, I’m sure we’ll know more by the end of that in how Australia are tracking ahead of the World Cup.


I deliberately left off the sarcasm tag. Thankfully it seems there are no stories like this in the media; “upset win” seems to be the order of the day.

India are also playing with less intensity now that the primary goal of the tour has been reached. Australia may well win the series on this account, if they play at least to a creditable standard.


Yeah… Can’t wait for the cheats to return… of course they’ll get a heroes welcome…




I think you need to learn to forgive mate. Haven’t we all made a mistake before? And aren’t we only as good as our leaders? They will learn from this and become better people for it. I am in no means defending the saga but to keep going on about the saga and labeling cheats is not the right attitude.


That’s such a supercilious attitude.

So it’s OK that the Australians are arrogant ass-holes who treat the rest of the cricketing world like shit?

It’s OK that they constantly sledge and abuse us and consider themselves as superior?

Grow up.

Learn a lesson.

When India won in Sydney the whole cricketing world applauded.

We hate you. You are just vile cheats who deserve nothing but derision and contempt.



Fully agree because of this I will never never watch or like cricket again . Tennis is the way for me now


And they deserve not to be back ever again they should of gotten life bans forgiveness is earned and I will never ever forgive or forget what they did and no one will ever change my mind


Not at all. But it is ok if you learn from your mistakes and become a better person. You shouldn’t just place someone in a box because they made a mistake. The real test of character will be if they come back as better people.

I think saying you hate someone is just a little immature to be honest, its a sentence that proves someone needs to grow up.

See i am the complete opposite. I hated the Australian cricket team before this saga. And saw the arrogance and inadequacies of their leaders and superiors. I would never go for Australia. But this saga just proved they aren’t untouchable and has given me a better outlook. It has proved and shown children that there are consequences to cheating and you shouldn’t be going out there with an attitude at win at all costs attitude. Losing is ok. Mistakes are allowed to be made, and you should be forgiven.

Well I hope your family and friends don’t have the same attitude when you make a mistake.


I was 12 when the underarm incident happened.

I was sitting in my living room in Temuka, New Zealand when it happened. The phone rang and it was one of Dad’s workmates. He was going off.

You have to realise in New Zealand we all love rugby, but for the few of us who follow cricket it holds a special place in our hearts.

Dad was on the phone for most of the night.

The country was in uproar.

I didn’t bother playing cricket anymore after that… my faith in the ‘gentlemens game’ had been shattered…

Piggy described it as ‘the most disgusting incident I can recall in the history of cricket’ and he was right.

And it was you asshole Australians that did it.



Piggy was one of the first people in the world to slam you Aussies and call you for what you are…

Criminals and cheats.


You don’t know me and yes my family and friends DO Forgive me when I make mistakes


Well I wasn’t born so it wasn’t me. To say 'Australian’s did it is a bit discriminatory. It was the Trevor Chappell.

And I agree it was a shocking day of cricket, as was the sandpaper scandal. But how can we change that attitude when we have people that think like this? Make one mistake and that is it. Or have leaders that have a win at all costs attitude. We need to encourage the love of the game again and not worry so much about winning.

Maybe you could learn from the way they forgive then.


Now I could be wrong on this, but overall I’ve gotten the general impression that Cricket Australia and our men’s international cricket team in particular has not been massively popular amongst the general Australian public over the last 12 months or so since the ball tampering scandal, the announcement of the current TV rights deal and all the other stuff there’s been in the news about a reportedly toxic corporate culture.