Brisbane Heat has tweeted it is an outside blackout issue. Also confirmed by Cricket Australia.
If the match cannot resume by 9.11pm Brisbane time (10.11pm AEDT) it will be called off. On social media some fans are asking why the match has to be abandoned with plenty of night time left. Is there a curfew in the area too?
It will also be a concern for CA as the venue will host the day/night test between Australia and Sri Lanka next week. It may need some back up generators to keep the light towers running.


Given the Heat were only 3 overs into their innings (albeit in the precarious position of 2-10 and with both “Bash Brothers” out), the DLS (not to be confused with DRS) can’t be used to determine a winner (as each side has to face at least 5 overs).


Like Suncorp you’ll find the Gabba has a curfew of 11pm (at a guess). Then you have the logistics of everyone working at the ground, security, transport providers all being provided until a certain time. For some, a extra hour or 2 isn’t an issue. 3-4 is!


The game has been officially abandoned due to floodlight failure. The two captains have shaken hands. It was a disappointing end to the match after Shane Watson scored the first hundred of BBL08.


Bloody DLS…


There wasn’t any…?


Ouch. Is this a new initiative by CA along the lines of the bat toss?


That would be a bit hard without any hair?


According to News Corp:

Thunder coach Shane Bond said he offered to play only his spinners in order to get some cricket played but was told (by the umpires) that wouldn’t be possible.
Asked what reason he was given for play being suspended, he said he was told “someone in the field might cop it or someone in the crowd might cop it.”
Heat coach Daniel Vettori said the umpires were being consistent.


The outage affected a large part of the Woolloongabba and East Brisbane area, especially the Stanley Street end of the Gabba.
It was external to the Gabba, meaning stadium staff could do nothing to rectify the situation.

Just a typo :sweat_smile: They shook hands with each other.


The match times are in the by laws for the BBL as a tournament. Can’t go outside them.
Law 12.5.1 to be exact.


Bad Light means that it is only being used in Test Match. Tonight’s game at the Gabba had to be called off due to floodlight failure. Many fans have gone straight home after the umpires declared a No Result. At the moment, Sydney Thunder sit in 3rd place, one point behind the Melbourne Renegades.


Bad light can indeed be called by an umpire in the BBL (playing condition 2.7.1).
Tonight’s game was actually stopped by playing condition 2.8.2.


Queensland really hate DLS, don’t want it for their clocks and even avoided 12 more balls just to be able to have a result using it! Glad this didn’t happen in Perth, they’d be a referendum to vote on ending the match.


3AW reports this morning that Sydney Thunder may appeal to Cricket Australia against last night’s no-result at The Gabba.


Why? Umps had no choice but to deem the ground unfit for play at that particular moment. The competing sides don’t get a say in it, solely the umps decision. Yes, bad luck it happened but it’s actually covered in the playing conditions so not sure what their basis for arguing to overturn would be? Only reason would be sabotage of the light tower, and that didn’t appear to be the case.


Is rain still forecast for today? Thinking of going.


Reckon it might be on and off. Probably worth going in if you can.


Looks like a thin frontal band of rain so there should be a game. It’s Melbourne though and post frontal SW’ly showers could develop across the warm Port Phillip Bay. DLS will work in India’s favour.


MCG is across the railway tracks from Melbourne Park where the Australian Open is on, so they will both be subject to the same weather conditions.


Indeed, but there’s no roof at the G whereas 3 courts have a roof as MP.