Yesterday, WA students finished off the school for the year. Today, WA students are on holidays. I think that some teachers had to go to school for school development day. The crowd of 20746 at Optus Stadium was much lower than the Australia v South Africa ODI from last month. I feel that this crowd was quiet. Lets hope that tomorrow will get much higher crowd.


Fewer than four thousand more attended the ODI match in Perth which was played on a Sunday.

Today’s crowd is not a bad first day test crowd against India. The obsession with crowds being poor based purely on the percentage of Stadium capacity is becoming tedious. I suppose anything less than 90,000 on boxing day will be “poor”?


Between 60000-90000 at Boxing Day Test is good.
Less than 60000 on Boxing Day is poor


That I’d agree with.


Just remember the last Boxing Day Test against India was only 69k. It has to be remembers Australia are NOT playing England. The crowd today in Perth was good. Not great but it was good. To say it was poor is just foolish.


So you hoping that tomorrow’s crowd will be much higher with 46000?


They met expectations with the crowd, nothing more or less. I still think they overestimated the number of Indian fans that would turn up to Perth compared to the East Coast.

As for the game, it was a frustrating day where if one of Harris, Finch, Marsh or Head kicked on to make a ton it would be Australia’s game to lose. As it is if they can get 100 off the last 4 wickets (very possible) then a 370 1st innings with India’s batting weaker than Adelaide is a great position to be in


Anything over 30k is great


19 042 people have attended Day 2 of the 2nd Test at Optus Stadium. I find that the crowd number is very low - lower than yesterday. I just don’t know why the attendance was quite low.


Australia not batting?


Being a Perth local, maybe you could get along sometime. Planning on going to one of the remaining days?


Planning to go day 4


Hopefully day 4 and 5 are good days, I’ll be in hospital with some surgery so will be able to kick back to watch some while recovering. I wonder if they can schedule the op for during the tea break.


I was planning on going how much are the tickets ?


It looks like it will be a low-ish scoring Test, so I don’t think it will last the full 5 days.

Even though India are in a solid position of 3-172 (which I would not have imagined after being 2-8), I will still be surprised if they get past Australia’s score of 326, as India’s tail is quite weak.

I still think Australia have the upper hand at the moment, but anything’s possible whilst Virat Kohli is still at the crease.

Weather forecast is pretty good (chance of a shower today though), so looks like being a win to either team.


Under 20,000 again yesterday. Are Perth people just not used to going to test cricket given the tiny capacity of the WACA compared to Perth Stadium? I’m not expecting it to be full, but though closer to 30,000 would’ve gone over the weekend.


Don’t forget it’s christmas shopping too, and the shops are open on Sundays. Not many people would bother. I would say the least the remainder of the test that it will be under 20,000 for the remainder of the Perth test.


Been a while since I’ve been in Perth, is Sunday trading still banned?


Shops are open 11 to 5 on sundays been here for five years I think :slight_smile:


Yesterdays crowd was quite disappointing. Some fans think that the reputation of having a Test match at Optus Stadium is not right.

Todays crowd of 4000 was the lowest crowd number that I have seen at Optus, although it will increase during the afternoon.