They are probably only expecting 20,000 to 30,000 on each day, and I imagine it’s being done to keep maintenance costs down e.g. cleaning.

It’s a difficult one, as it would be better to seat all of the spectators on the western side in the shade, but TV broadcasters wouldn’t like having an empty backdrop since they also generally broadcast from the western side as well.


Allan Border Medal night will be known as Australian Cricket Awards from 2019 onwards.


Oh yeah I was fully aware of that. Hence my little jab at the fact CA got 1 billion for the tv rights.


How generic…


It’s all a bit sooky.

The WACA has always been one of the most sun-drenched cricket venues in Australia…

It’s a WACA-sized crowd tomorrow so not sure why West Australians feel suddenly ‘entitled’ to sit in the shade.

Since when have Australian cricket fans started complaining about the sun?

My goodness… what a pack of whingers we are these days.


Tomorrow Optus Stadium will host a Test Cricket Match for the first time. After more than 40 years of test cricket at the WACA in the sun-drenched stadium, a new era awaits as the test cricket will be played at the brand new stadium. I heard that the temperature will be predicted to hit 38 degrees. I know that it will be very hot, however the low humidity could have some impact on the bowling.
Ravi Ashwin and Rohit Sharma have both been ruled out for the 2nd test due to injury.


I would actually say that everyone is entitled to sit in shade if there is shade available. I don’t think it’s too big an ask. Nor do I think it makes people whingers. Sun stroke and cancer are very serious issues.


Oh cry me a river… what about the poor players then?

They’re actually out playing in it…


They get paid whereas the supporters pay.


Today I watched the cricket - Australia v India on TV, I noticed that there were Lots of empty seats. I feel that it’s got to do with the lack of public transport. There weren’t many buses that Went to the stadium


Doesn’t it have a dedicated railway station attached to it?

Good to see they’ve opened to top tier, I’m not sure how many you expect in before the first hour on day one of a test, a work day at that.


They have a dedicated airway station to use. I’m sure that the crowd number will go up higher tomorrow with cooler weather expected.

Public Transport

Khawaja needs to be dropped.


He made 5 runs in 38 balls. The problem is that he’s not batting properly and that he was disorganised and slow


I heard the ground referred to as ‘Perth Stadium’ on 4KQ… I know Seven have been referring to it as such…

Whilst the ABC normally doesn’t use the Sponsor name, not sure why commercials aren’t.


Go have a look at 7 cricket coverage thread to find the answer.


OK… thanks


Actually no its in the fox thread. But here is the link


It reads like it may be more CA’s contract with the ICC.


that and some of the people that would go are at work or at school.

coming home from work, I noticed quite a few trains coming and going from perth to perth stadium, Armadale, Freo and Joondalup