The crowd numbers have been underwhelming but I would like to know the prices.


They cost $30 for adults.


So no real excuses then.


Someone says that an expected crowd of more than 15k for each day for next year’s test in Perth Stadium either NZ or Pakistan. Otherwise, this will stay at the WACA. The fifth tier was closed during the Australia v India game. I feel that if crowds dwindle for cricket, then they should be at the WACA. However, the Ashes test will be played at Optus Stadium.


The grass hills at the WACA are great for cricket.


Just 10 887 people watched the game on day 4. I feel that the crowd to me was the lowest in Optus Stadium history and that not a lot of people are enjoying the cricket. I feel that tomorrow, the crowd number will be lower with under 8000 people attending.


Well they won’t be poaching the Boxing Day game with figures like that :stuck_out_tongue:

I think most thought Perth statdium would have the appeal Adelaide Oval had when it first opened after its redevelopment. In its first 12 months you could barely get tickets to anything. This is disappointing from Perth. It could be the cricket brand that has turned viewers off. But in my opinion Adelaide’s crowded numbers were quite solid and on par with previous summers of cricket.


I’m surprised with those figures and this has been a really good test. Good to see Paine hopefully get a first win today and it looks like he can fight back a bit with wit and intellect against Kohli. A far cry from the sledging of the past which is good. Glad I signed up for Kayo, I could watch last night to watch the wickets I fell while in surgery. Went to surgery just after the days play started and then woke up and we were 9 down so I was a bit worried if that was going to be enough.
Both tests have been close and lasted into 5 days which has been good. Hopefully the next two are just as good.


I expected the Aussies to come back strongly at Perth due to a favourable wicket and the psychological advantage surrounding it. India have put up a better show than I expected; Melbourne and Sydney will see both greater support and more favourable conditions for the visitors. Both games should be crackers- about time we had a close series on our own shores.


It’ll be good to see how much of a boost a win will give this new team. After all that’s happened in the last 12 months the first win will be great for them.


They must remember it’s only one win and to not let hubris take over. The bowlers still have that arrogant, gladiatorial streak about them judging from some of the post wicket celebrations yesterday. Perhaps it’s only for the cameras given the niggles instigated by Kohli in this match- we’ll see.


Yes, South Africa are the only international team I can think of that consistently performs well in Perth when on tour here.


The last three times I’ve turned on the telly to watch the cricket, an Indian wicket has fallen almost straightaway. Just happened now with Vihari getting out.

I think I deserve some credit from the Australian team for my influence on the result :grin:


I can’t believe it… we’ve won a Test Match!

First test win since the sand paper incident


And going back further, the 1980s/1990s West Indies team were almost unbeatable there due to their battery of quicks. Australia’s record at the Gabba is probably superior to Perth, though, due to the combination of a bouncy wicket and the fact that it’s usually the first test of the series. Having the first test in Adelaide was a friendly gesture to the BCCI to put it mildly.

India surrendered pretty meekly today; I can only think that they want to go out to Rottnest to vent their frustrations on the poor quokkas. Which way the series goes from here is anyone’s guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if Australia win 3-1 from here as momentum and home ground advantage take hold, but a 2-2 draw with India winning in Sydney is probably just as likely. I don’t think India will take the series outright.


Believe it! Bring on the Boxing Day Test.


It was also first win for Tim Paine as captain, and first win at the new Perth Stadium. It was a quick finish for day 5 at the Perth Stadium with Patrick Cummins taking two much-needed wickets in 3 balls. What a great way to finish on a high. The crowd at the Optus Stadium was very low with under 8000 people turning out to watch the final day. And it was Usman Khawaja’s birthday who celebrated his birthday with a win. Congratulations to him


I too am surprised wasn’t expecting a win in this series to be honest. Boxing Day will be interesting. I think India will come back with a win.


Interesting. I am expecting a crowd of more than 70000 at the Boxing Day Test at the MCG. Australia will be looking for their 1000th win in three formats. As of today, it was 999th win in all three formats (Test, ODI, T20I).


Definetly a great Test Series ,
bit boring at times was watching today’s coverage while Christmas shopping lol avoiding walking into people but was a good match I yelled out yay and everyone was like “you okay” and I was like “yeah Australia just won the perth test” followed by someone dropping their coffee mug lmfao

Go aussies :grinning: Boxing Day should be a test of courage skill and game play on both sides .