That is a disappointing result for 65,000 fans who went to the MCG tonight. Indian fans are not happy based on their reactions on social media, many reckoned rain saved the Aussies after they were 6/74 at one stage during their innings.
Fine weather is forecast for game 3 at the SCG on Sunday evening so there will definitely be a result.


Yes, glancing art some comments it seems they refuse to accept DL results anyways and think they won in Brisbane!


I don’t really understand why they can’t try and reinvent the game so that T20’s can be played in rain.


That would be difficult… Unless it rains for the whole game, then the team that is bowling when it’s raining will be at a disadvantage since bowling and fielding in wet conditions will be more difficult and dangerous, so there’s the safety aspect as well.


They are athletes. They get paid big bucks for it. Plus they advantage disadvantage thing is just the luck and would create teams needing to pick whether to bat or bowl first etc.


If they were forced to play in wet and dangerous conditions and if someone broke a leg and lost an IPL contract because of it, they would probably (rightly) sue Cricket Australia for failing to provide a safe workplace (relations between the players and CA are not good).


AFL players seem to play in the conditions and break their legs and don’t sue the AFL…

If players are worried about that side of things then they wouldn’t choose to go down the T20 career and rather stick to the safer options of One Day and Test Matches.

That is why I said to reinvent the T20 game - make it so you can play in wetter conditions and offer more money for that sort of risk. If players didn’t want to take that risk they wouldn’t go down that career.


Pitch would be deemed unsafe, so play wouldn’t go ahead.


Exactly. Ludicrous debate.


Could they not reinvent the pitch and change it so it could work? I no what you are saying I am just saying there must be away around in the modern era.


Exactly how do you want to reinvent the pitch? It’s a pitch.

It’s “know” not “no” , just for your reference. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha thanks I do no :stuck_out_tongue:

Pitches get changed all the time. They have changed the pitch for T20’s, One Days and Test matches in the past and from ground to ground the pitches change. They could use a different material other than clay? I am not an expert but I am sure there are ways around this. I just think some can’t handle change…




It would disadvantage one team in a way not fair to the other. In the AFL and NRL or soccer if it rains, both teams are doing exactly the same thing in the same conditions so there’s no disadvantage between the teams.
In cricket, one team is batting, one team is fielding. Fielding would be harder in the rain.


so would hitting the ball through the puddles along the ground and seeing the ball.


Yep, so if you get Team A batting first and scoring over 200 but then rain in the second innings where the ball is more sluggish in the outfield and less likely to go for 4’s it’s also a disadvantage for Team B. Team A would be disadvantaged in the field but it’s a different disadvantage to Team B. Apples and oranges.


It would just be part of the game. Teams would have to adjust game styles to work out how to beat suit the conditions.


Australian women’s team beat England by eight wickets in this morning’s Twenty20 World Cup in Antigua. It was the Aussies’ fourth tournament win. They will get to defend the title when the tournament comes Down Under in February 2020.


The crowd at the Australia v England game in Antigua was around about 9000, which was a decent crowd, given that this is a small Caribbean country. In 2020, I am expecting a bigger crowd for the WT20.


Apparently there’s cricket on tonight. Not that anyone would know. There’s nothing on tv tonight the free to air audience would’ve been massive for cricket Australia.