And you can see a frustrated man not feeling happy about the new cricket broadcasting rights.


Boy oh boy wowee, what a win for India over Australia. They got over the line by 6 wickets with 2 balls to spare. The crowd of 37 339 at the SCG was fantastic on a Sunday Night. It was Super Sunday at the SCG, they want to deliver a good attendance and the eventually did.


I was at the game. I sat on top level of Brewongle Stand with Indian fans around me. I estimated the crowd was around 70% Indian fans, and the Aussie fans were sitting at the Members Stand, Noble Stand or Bradman Stand. Even though it was a sellout there were still thousands of empty seats.
Even though the Twenty20 series was tied 1-1, there was no trophy presentation after the match.


It was quite astonishing watching it, as if Sydney had been transplanted to Mumbai- harbour and all.


ICC has submitted a bid for women’s T20 cricket to be included in the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.


What a catch!


Aussies starting surprisingly well! A good toss to lose it seems


Not sure what India’s intentions are. Adelaide Oval is notoriously known for its tough first sessions and they just went blazing in the first session. They should have taken it easy. And 5 at about 100 another player is playing silly shots (and getting away with them). This is where they should be trying to secure a 100 run partnership.

CA need to give the Australian fast bowlers a pay rise. They are the best bowling unit in the world, in my opinion, and are the key to keeping Australia competitive. Give them a pay rise to keep them motivated.


The bowling unit may be enough to compensate for our batting, in home tests at least. I might be eating these words tomorrow.

India have played some pretty ordinary shots today. They have failed to win in both England and South Africa and so the fear of completing this hat trick of defeats must be weighing down hard. They’ve also come into this test with very limited preparation but that’s common to all touring sides now. So to me the outcome isn’t surprising even given the maligned state of the Aussies. I expect India will improve in subsequent tests.


Attendance for the first day of the first test was 23,802. The extremely hot weather in Adelaide may have deterred many fans from going.


Well 9/250 isn’t great but it’s not that bad considering they lost 4 early wickets.


So sick of the media and CA blaming the Indians for the ‘poor’ crowd at the Adelaide Oval today.

If Adelaide needs to turn the lights on in order to get a decent crowd then something is sadly missing in the Festival City…

Be thankful that so many Indians turned up…


It’s also a work day and school time, it’s a very good crowd given those circumstances alone.


23,802… not a good first day crowd… by any measure.

We would have got that at the Gabba (despite it being a work day - for many SEQ and NNSW cricket fans this is always an annual leave day).


Look up some first day Adelaide test crowds and get back to me, it was a decent crowd all things considered.


25k is good for a working day outside school holidays.


Australia v India, 2014, official attendance day 1: 25,619. I’d also say that’s pretty good given it was a Tuesday in early December.

But given the massive disparity in position between Adelaide and Brisbane/seq surely you’d expect over 30k, but you only get that for an ashes test, how many of which would be Poms?


They’ll probably get less than that for Day 1 in Perth next week as well, leaving me to surmise that CA have overestimated the Indian support that will come for venues away from the East Coast. If the WACA wasn’t such a run down venue I’m sure the call would have come to host it there.


The crowd at adelaide oval was 25.6k. Not too bad, considering that it is during the school period in Adelaide and that’s many kids are at school. The weather in Adelaide was very hot with 38-39 degrees. I feel that they should take more drinks break especially in hot weather.


Not a great innings from Australia today. Really relying too heavily on their bowlers. Kuwaja and Finch really need to step up. Still have no idea why CA persist with not selecting Maxwell.