As I’ve said before the best thing for the rights would have been going to Channel Ten. But fixturing is also an issue and the summer should have started with the Tests and not the ODI and T20s, as the public would at least be able to see all of those matches to start the summer with a bang.


The issue there is that both of Australia’s test opponents were locked in to home tours (IND played WI, SL are playing England) so trying to squeeze 6 tests in 7 weeks would have seen a similar program to what we see now, and the white ball games against RSA should they be played at all would have to be either squeezed in late in the season when everyone’s starting to get into footy mode or as it was this year, or against someone else (keeping in mind RSA are playing PAK and SL are in NZ, with ENG due in WI at the end of January which would leave minnows to play other than IND). Obviously CA wanted cricket to be at the forefront in November, something that the Sheffield Shield can’t do, and the best way knowing moving the BBL would be ratings poison for FTA knowing other shows would kill their ratings winner, is to put on international games. Easiest then to have a team commit to a few white ball games than to squeeze 2 tests in.


WHat was the crowd like at the mcg? Somewhere between 35000 or not? Possibly due to cold weather


Most likely the rain. The cold weather is a nice change.


There you go.


Not bad considering its been raining pretty much all day.


I don’t have Foxtel but the point about today’s temperature in Melbourne was that it was cold and unseasonal.


Its definitely unseasonal considering its raining. I wouldn’t exactly say its cold. Its fresh, but I don’t need to wear a jacket. Melbournians are used to colder weather and can get 90,000 to an AFL match in the middle of winter so I doubt it being ‘cold’ is the issue. I would say the rain is definitely a deterrent.


If you are at a fourth tier, then it will be colder than a person on the first tier. The thing is some Australians don’t like cold weather during cricket. Remember back to Boxing Day 2006 where Melbourne had a slightly colder day and was quite unseasonal. The crowd was nearly packed.


I don’t remember that Boxing Day game. But I doubt its the cold weather. 60,000 proves that. It would definitely be the forecasted rain all week. Nothing else. Putting a jumper on instead of a top wouldn’t stop people from going to the cricket.


This is the article about the 2006 Boxing Day with big crowds despite of the unseasonal cold weather.


Haha well that disproves your theory of the cold weather doesn’t it?


Trust me, today’s a cold November day in Melbourne. I’m in the eastern suburbs and when there weren’t showers it was drizzling all day. Fucking miserable to be frank.

Reports from the MCG was a sizeable majority Indian support in the crowd.


I’m in the Eastern suburbs too. But I wouldn’t say its cold just miserable. I was just wearing a t-shirt during the day. But yes compared to other November days it is colder.


I think that all Australian Cricketers will be wearing jumpers during the game.


I arrived in Sydney from Brisbane today and am in an apartment in the CBD watching the T20 on Fox Cricket, although it is in SD so it is quite blurry. It is so frustrating to see rain interrupting play in Melbourne. Showers are forecast for this weekend including state election day tomorrow.
EDIT: just saw a note on the screen saying play must restart by 10.02pm AEDT otherwise the match will be abandoned. I guess the MCG has its own noise restrictions.


No, T20’s are all time based. Has to restart by then otherwise the minimum overs don’t fit onto the agreed upon match times set out in the bylaws.


I believe it’s actually lighting. Given the spillage into the residential areas of East Melbourne.


Westie here. I concur, wish I’d savoured Monday’s heat more


Match abandoned.