Cameron Bancroft also decided not to appeal for his 9-month ban.


Let’s hope David Warner follows suit.

It won’t be a good look for him if he does challenge it, given he is probably the guiltiest of the lot.



David Warner has been involved in more controversies

  • May 2013 - launched a twitter tirade on Malcolm Conn. Malcolm Conn was disappointed
  • June 2013 - He punched English batsman Joe Root during ICC Champions Trophy
  • July 2013 - Involved in on-field altercation to South African Thami Tsolekiele
  • March 2018 - Involved in a heated sledge towards South African player Quinton De Kock


Add to that the “speak English” sledge directed at Virat Kohli in the last SCG Test vs India.


The Indian Premier League (sans ‘Piggy’ Smith and DW) started last night. Fox Sports are covering most of the matches live, though the curse of the east Australian time zone means a 0030 start for the evening games. I reluctantly forked out for Foxtel Now’s Sports package to watch the South African tour (I was tired of watching spinning circles on those ‘unofficial’ streams), so I’m glad there’s a little more cricket to justify the expense. The extended highlights in the afternoon and evening are a little more palatable for those who don’t intend to become insomniacs.

Chennai Super Kings, reinstated after a suspension for match fixing***, scraped home against the Mumbai Indians**** in a down-to-the-wire, one wicket win.

*** I’m sure a lot of underhand betting and match fixing still goes on in this and other Twenty20 leagues but, like the WWE, it doesn’t detract from the entertainment value.
**** Aren’t they all Indian teams?


Australia will tour Zimbabwe for the first time since 2014, playing a triangular Twenty20 series against the host and Pakistan in July, following a five-match ODI series and one-off T20I against England in the UK from June 13-28.


They might even have a chance of beating the Aussies without Smith and co.

There was a story in the Sunday paper that Michael Clarke was going to make a comeback if the selectors wanted him.


England Cricket Board has announced a 100-ball cricket format to be trialled in 2020.


Yes daTHAT seems totally unnecessary.

We already have 20/20, 50/50 and Test cricket, I don’t think we need yet another format.

It’s too close to T20 in format.


The ECB loves different formats, they had 40 over one day games up until 2013…


Well the ECB did give us T20, but 100 ball is just pandering to people with zero attention span even 20 over matches.

One could argue it’s what happens when boards put their product behind paywalls and have dwindling gates.


So…16 overs instead of 20 overs.

How riveting.


Is it 100 balls per game? 50 ball a side or 200 ball per game hence 16 overs?

The only way I would like to see something like this is if they had multiple teams playing on the same day in the same venue.


It is a 16 over game. The first 15 overs will be normal 6 ball overs. The last over will be 10 balls, which will require a law change from the Marylebone Cricket Club which maintains the Laws of Cricket.


Well I don’t like it and don’t get why they need it considering they already have the twenty20 format.


If they were going to make it 16 overs why not just play 8 a side, have everyone bowl for 2 overs and bat for 4 overs losing 5 runs every wicket they lose, have nets and scoring zones around the pitch, and make the batting crease half way down the wicket…sounds just like a game I played a few times as a kid called Indoor Cricket.


Or make it 10 ball overs meaning everyone has to bowl 1 over except the wicketkeeper!


The maximum number of balls to be bowled during an over has been eight during the history of test cricket. So a 10-ball over will be a radical change.