Cricket on Radio


He did disappear many years ago from ABC Grandstand in general. I recall it was health and personal issues. Is he still married to ABC Grandstand host Karen Tighe?


Good news about Glenn Mitchell. We missed him on radio so much.

I think they are still together.


Great ti hear Glenn Mitchell on MSR Tomorrow on MSR he is a tlent hope qwe also add Kerry O’KEFEE.


Whilst driving to the city, I was listening to the cricket on ABC 720 and realised that Dirk Nannes, Clint Wheeldon and Jim Maxwell called the test cricket.


What a realisation!


Yes, I didn’t understand the point of this either.

Some topics here have a quality level of contribution that make this media sub forum a pleasure to read over the old codgers of Facebook groups and others are a disappointment with many consecutive posts of little or no value.


Crocmedia has launched the Big Bash Nation website in time for the start of the 2018/19 BBL season this Wednesday. This is the logo:
As stated in the new radio broadcast deal, Crocmedia will broadcast every match of the BBL live for the next six season.
The commentary team is most of the test calling team from SEN, plus Tom Morris from Fox Sports/3AW, Doug Bollinger, Glenn McGrath and Carl Rackemann from Macquarie Sports Radio. Elyse Villani and retired players Shaun Tait and John Hastings will also be part of the line-up.
The station guide can be found here

Compared with Crocmedia’s coverage of AFL, NRL and A-League, it seems regional radio stations are less keen to relay the BBL broadcasts (especially in Tasmania), which is very disappointing for cricket fans in regional areas.


Will bigbash Nation being on MacQyuarue Sports Radio 1278 or 1116 SEN in Melburne by havung Bigbash Nation of Both Sports Radio Stations?


yes - both SEN 1116 and Macquarie Sports 1278 will take the Big Bash Nation coverage. I presume that it’ll be also heard on SEN+ 1377 when there’s no other sports overlapping (Melbourne United games come to mind), in a further waste of spectrum


A more detailed broadcast guide for the first three weeks of BBL08 has been posted on Big Bash Nation website. Seems that only regional stations in home team’s state (plus WA regional stations if Perth Scorchers are playing) will relay Crocmedia’s coverage. And still no analogue radio coverage in Tasmania!


I assume abc radio has no rights to the big bash? Crazy in my view.


It’s a general consensus by now that CA bungled rights deals across all platforms for this season onwards.

The deal makers have been turfed by CA with no plan for correcting their errors.


they have there 30 pieces of silver. they trot off into the night, happy they have started the process that will kill cricket in australia.


ABC Radio had no rights to the BBL for the past few seasons apart from the final. Under the new radio deal it can’t even broadcast the BBL final anymore.


I click heart as I like you sharing the information on the ABC rights but I don’t like the actual post itself :slight_smile:.

The problem with the commercial agreement, in Tasmania there is no coverage on radio, and if 2ue comes back, it might just be on NTS digital again (just the local games will be on analog).

Anyway I know when ABC did big bash, it was only digital radio so it may not be a real solution for regional Australia, but at least the folk in Tassie can hear a game or two and Perth can hear it on analog AM rather than digital only. Very handy at the ground itself as a spectator.

I think AFL probably have the best coverage on radio.


They were definitely on analogue at one point, I was at the MCG listening the season before the franchises began.

Personally, the radio coverage went to shit when CA wanted money from the ABC for their weekend Shield coverage. Yes, streaming vision is good, but not overly practical for driving or in the garden. Makes it hard to follow the competition and know who’s pushing for test spots.


Im not sure Heverin and Pickering aren’t in Melbourne calling off the TV today.

Edit: Heverin then mentions having to catch a flight later. Hmmmmm


Great commentary team MSR have put together for the boxing test.

(They should) add Julia Price(?) and Brad Hodge when their 20/20 commentary commitments finish.



I find Jim uninspiring. Doesn’t attract me to listen to ABC cricket calls. I usually tune in to hear the run tally only.