Cricket on Radio


Julia Price joining Macquarie Radio’s coverage of Boxing Day test at the MCG this morning. She was in Perth on Boxing Day commentating WBBL for Seven, so missed the first two days of the test.


While driving, I heard that Ali Mitchell did some cricket commentary on abc when taking a break from 7


MSR currently broadcasting ads for the last 5 minutes after hearing snap, crackle and pop on the feed from the MCG.

Update it sounds like they are taking the 7 or Fox audio feed now.


Seems to be back up now


ABC Radio Perth’s Akash Fotedar made his cricket commentary debut this morning, calling the WBBL match at Lilac Hill between the Scorchers and the Thunder alongside Jenny Wallace.


Corbin Middlemas and former Australian bowler Stuart Clark are part of ABC commentary team for the fourth and final test between Australia and India starting at the SCG today.
Matt Thompson joins Macquarie Radio’s commentary team for the first time in 2019 for the same match.


ABC’s commentary team for the first ODI between Australia and India at the SCG today: Jim Maxwell, Corbin Middlemas, Andrew Moore, Phil Jaques, Stuart Clark and Indian broadcaster Chetan Narula. Scorer Adrian Tam also makes his debut for the ABC today and has a cameo in the commentary box during the early part of Australian innings. No Harsha Bhogle, maybe he’s working solely on Fox Cricket today?
Macquarie’s team: Bruce Eva, David Morrow, Ian Chappell, Darren Lehmann and Glenn McGrath.

EDIT 15/1: ABC’s commentary team for the second ODI at Adelaide Oval: Jim Maxwell, Corbin Middlemas, Andrew Moore, Jason Gillespie, Tim Nielsen and Chetan Narula.

EDIT 18/1: ABC’s commentary team for the third ODI at the MCG: Jim Maxwell, Alister Nicholson, Matt Clinch, John Hastings, Melbourne Stars captain Kristen Beams, and Chetan Narula.

EDIT 19/1: Andrew Moore, Corbin Middlemas, former Australian cricketer Michelle Gosko and Australian women’s team coach Matthew Mott commentated both of today’s WBBL semi-finals at Sydney’s Drummoyne Oval. They will be back next Saturday for the final.

EDIT 24/1: ABC commentary team for the first test between Australia and Sri Lanka: Jim Maxwell, Quentin Hull, Alison Mitchell, Stuart Clark, Kristen Beams, Phil Tufnell and broadcaster Roshan Abeysinghe.



I wonder if Tom Morris (Fox Sports reporter) is calling tonight’s BBL match in Perth, as he co-hosted Sportsday on 3AW this evening with Gerard Healy before the BBL.


Was bizarre listening to Big Bash Nation tonight on Macquarie Sports Radio. They played in full an interview with Pat Cummins from SEN Breakfast. Not very often you here a segment from a competitor’s breakfast show played on another station in full.

However I did like the RoCo show with Rohan Connolly at the innings break when they broke away from the Crocmedia broadcast. I didn’t realise he had left SEN and was now with Macquarie. Not sure his permanent capacity there.


Rohan is freelancing. Was only ever a freelancer with SEN, apparently is more than happy to work for either.


And BBN is produced by whom?


Well if you read the entirety of the post you’d know it was Crocmedia…
But I think you knew that going in.


Exactly, hence it’s no surprise they use their content on the MRN station.


Usually all MSR take is the game. Rohan does the pre game and innings break, not sure about post game (I assume it’s Rohan). So fair to say, I don’t see how an entire interview from SEN Breakfast makes it into the MSR coverage.


Maybe it is part of the “strings attached” that come with any Crocmedia broadcast deal?


Strange that it takes until game 40odd to pop up then don’t you think?


Tim Lane is calling the second test between Australia and Sri Lanka in Canberra for Macquarie Sports Radio only, not Seven.

ABC’s commentary team for the Canberra test: Jim Maxwell, Brett Sprigg, Alison Mitchell, Roshan Abeysinghe, Phil Tufnell, Chris Rogers and Dirk Nannes. Their ABC colleague Alister Nicholson calls the action for Seven.


Looks like they are covering the world cup of cricket, and the indian tour. Not sure in the world cup if they do non australia matches. I am happy on the indian tour, hope its not just from the tv. However better than nothing :slight_smile:.

I really enjoy the coverage of talksport of england vs west indies. Go the west indies.


More details on MSR’s coverage of Cricket World Cup can be found here
Five of Australia’s group matches are on Saturdays which will overlap with MSR’s existing AFL and NRL broadcasts. Obviously AFL and NRL will take priority.

I think MSR has the commercial radio rights to CWC, expect an announcement from the ABC soon on it securing the non-commercial radio rights.