Cricket on Radio


ABC extends rights deal.


Here’s the breakdown of the the new radio rights deal which will go for the next six years

  • ABC: They’ll cover all men’s and women’s international matches, all WBBL matches (via AM, FM or digital channels) + the PM & Governor General XI matches
  • Macquarie: Macquarie Sports Radio will cover all men’s and women’s international matches + every BBL match (coverage produced by Crocmedia) - 2GB, 3AW & 4BC seemingly will only air updates
    ^ In Perth, 6PR will broadcast selected men’s international matches along with all Perth Scorchers BBL matches.
  • Crocmedia: They have exclusive regional commercial radio rights while SEN will broadcast all men’s test matches (coverage will also air in Adelaide, presumably on FiveAA) and every BBL match



An interesting aspect of the deal is Crocmedia will be producing the commercial BBL coverage which will result in a situation (acknowledged in their press release) in Melbourne whereby SEN and MSR will be simulcasting the exact same coverage


This is exactly the question I’m asking too. Will they produce two different calls of test matches? One for MSR and regionals, and one just for SEN maybe?


Tests will be seperate productions (ie; Macquarie & SEN will have separate commentary teams) - what I described above only applies to the BBL


Shame no ABC for BBL. What about occasional shield cricket / domestic one day matches? Is the ABC they allowed to broadcast? My understanding last rights deal Fairfax had the rights but did not exercise them.

Maybe this article eludes to this challenge.


I am relieved that cricket will continue to be heard on the ABC. For the public broadcaster, it’s a small improvement from previous deal in which streaming was only available on the CA website and CA Live Pass.
The new Crocmedia deal seemingly will finally fill the black hole that is lack of commercial radio coverage of Hobart Hurricanes men’s team in Tasmania.


I could imagine only one station SEN or MSR will take a call at a time.


Under the previous rights agreement, the ABC had the rights to air the domestic one day final. However, there no mention in either CA’s or the ABC’s press releases about whether there will be coverage of domestic non-BBL/WBBL cricket under the new agreement (outside of the PM & Governor General’s XI matches)


Good deal. I think a lot of people will tune-in to Gerard Whateley through Crocmedia, many say one of the best cricket commentators in Australia. Not sure how many years Jim Maxwell has left in him, but hopefully he’ll still be prominent on ABC. And Maxwell’s old offsides Tim Lane will presumably continue at Macquarie but now under crocmedia?


glad to see that the ABC will continue with the cicket. i was a little worried with the reports over the last few days and the way they have screwed fans with TV coverage


Perhaps the most important part of the new radio deal is that for the first time, will be able to stream live cricket across each station’s website, apps and mobile devices, not just via CA website and app.

September 30 this year will be a big day for both ABC and Macquarie, with live coverage of AFL Grand Final during the day and the first women’s Twenty20 match between Australia and New Zealand at night.


I just realise Australia v NZ is a Twenty20 match and will start at 7.20pm AEST, so there will be no clash with AFL Grand Final. I think the cricket will get a mention during both networks’ post-GF wrap with live cross to North Sydney Oval, before cricket coverage commences at 7pm AEST.


Sounds like a good deal… but only if MSR is still around in 2019.


You would hope that there’s a contingency plan in place because based on the current ratings, MSR will be lucky to still be existing in 2 years time, let alone 6


So by reading that it sounds like aside from Adelaide and Melbourne, SEN will broadcast MSR’s test coverage for the remaining tests.


No - Crocmedia’s test coverage will air in Melbourne (via SEN) and Adelaide (on a station TBC, probably FiveAA) and it will be a separate production to Macquarie’s coverage


But they’ll syndicate Macquarie’s coverage regionally over their own?

Sounds like a complete dog’s breakfast.


I think regional stations will get Macquarie’s test, ODI and Twenty20 internationals coverage, and Crocmedia’s BBL coverage.