Cricket on Radio


Alternatively, you could listen to Gueriila Cricket. It’s not geoblocked either.


Yes, I know about GC. Unfortunately they hardly talk about the cricket, preferring unfunny inside jokes to ball by ball description. But I’m sure many folk would like them.


Yeah it feels like the continuous call team. I did not like it. Rather using a VPN and listen BBC, even better no VPN needed for talk sport.


Guess they’re an acquired taste. I’d much rather listen to them than listening to the “paint drying” call the BBC/ABC offer.


Yep- different strokes as they say (and pardon the pun). I don’t mind a little bit of humour but I don’t want it to get in the way of the coverage too much. I concede that sometimes the ABC and BBC coverage can be a little dull…much like the game itself, really!


Yeah ABC NRL coverage mixes humour with the game talk well. Some people for example loved the Roy and HG coverage where I personally I did not enjoy as much :wink: But it is good to have choice.

On cricket we don’t really have that style of Gueriila Cricket on radio.


Triple M managed to successfully do a Guerilla-type broadcast last summer for The Ashes in that it incorporated humour into the ‘traditional’ ball-by-ball coverage.

Personally, I’m going to miss being able to listen to it this summer


Former cricketers Mike Hussey and Glenn McGrath are joining Macquarie Radio’s commentary team this summer. Hussey also works for Fox Cricket while McGrath is a member of Seven’s commentary team.


Weren’t they on Macquarie last year? Are they trying to pretend this is a completely new set up?


Good to hear that the wisden coverage has sponsorship. I wonder if the commentators are getting paid much?


Adam Collins owns the rights, so not sure he would be paying himself!


Crocmedia launched its cricket coverage at the MCG last night. As expected, Gerard Whateley will lead the ball-by-ball commentary.


ABC Radio commentary team for today’s ODI in Perth: Clint Wheeldon, Jim Maxwell, Brett Sprigg, Terry Alderman, Mitchell Johnson and Michael Klinger. Coverage also simulcast on BBC 5Live Sport UK.


Will both SEN and MSR have cricket in Melbourne?


It will be on MSR only in Melbourne.
Macquarie’s team for today’s game include Bruce Eva, Tom Moody, Karl Langdon, Darren Lehmann, Sarah Aley and Mike Hussey.


Noticed an ad for the cricket coverage on ABC television yesterday which emphasized it is commercial free!


Jim Maxwell in commentary today mentioned something about the crowd getting home from today’s match in time for Bugs Bunny before the 6pm news. lol


I enjoy the talksport 2 coverage so far of the 1st test from Sri Lanka. No vpn needed which is great. MSR should take the coverage too.


ABC commentary team for today’s second ODI between Australia and South Africa at Adelaide Oval: Jim Maxwell, Clint Wheeldon, Quentin Hull, Jason Gillespie, Callum Ferguson and Tim Nielsen.
No mention of cricket on FiveAA Twitter. Isn’t it broadcasting the game?


MSR team for today- Bruce Eva, Tim Lane, Darren Lehmann, Ian Chappell, Michael Hussey and John Emburey.