Credits and accelerated flow

I’m sure many have picked-up on it, but any thoughts on why all of Seven’s movies (across the network), even certain shows, remove the credits?

Literally from the final frame in a final scene, it goes straight to a flash of the distributor (e.g.) Columbia Pictures and then the next program starts.

Whereas Nine and Ten roll through the credits (albeit sometimes fast).

As a film enthusiast… Very annoying Seven :neutral_face:

A caller to 3AW radio in Jane Holmes’ TV segment on the Neil Mitchell morning program, complained about just that a few weeks ago and she said Seven never got back to her…


Surely a film enthusiast would know better than to watch movies on commercial FTA TV.




Accelerated flow has been in place for years now. Maximises air time for programming and advertising.


That, and less time for people to change the channel. Cable TV in the US is all sorts of crazy, starting an episode while the previous episode’s credits are still running.


Oops, yes. That’d be the primary reason.


Most commonly seen is a promo for next week with shrunken credits.

NBC sometimes overlaps shows with the credits rolling over the start of the next program.

American Ninja credits over the start of one of those Bear Grylls programs:

Happens in all countries - even BBC


The ABC here has a very similar design to the second BBC example, except arranged at the top. Dunno if anyone has any caps.

Like these?

BBC have a 3 across the top


The second one with the rolling credits looks the best.

In fact, I don’t know why every show and movie doesn’t produce rolling credits these days so that they can remain full screen and the networks can insert promos at the top or bottom,

That BBC design was scrapped because production companies felt the credits weren’t prominent enough, hence the new design aligned to the right which you posted earlier.

Here’s Charlie Brooker’s take:

Thanks for the caps. :slight_smile:


Some other UK credits - they tend to look similar


The credits for 800 Words are the usual Seven style at the bottom of the screen while a preview takes up the majority of the screen, however on Plus7 the 800 Words credits are the traditional full screen white text on black background.

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That’s a special program or tool that they use which converts any credits to that Seven format. I’m sure somebody here will know what it’s called and can explain how it works technically. They usually only use it in prime time,

I really dislike credits being squeezed and/or with promos at the top or bottom when they are shown on TV. It’s only when you catch up on shows online that you get the full credits.

It also applies to dramas like Winners & Losers and mini-series including Molly, INXS and Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door. However Home and Away has the same style of credits both on TV and on Plus7. Only when you watch the show outside Australia you can hear the theme song (second version) and see the credits as the camera sweep over the sea closing towards Barrenjoey Headland, in lieu of preview of the next episode. For example, the credits on Channel 5 UK broadcast:


I haven’t had Foxtel for years, but I remember when I had it on the Showtime Premiere (now Foxtel Movies Premiere) channel they used to squeeze the end credits and show “Extras” usually interviews with the actors, directors, screenwriters, lunch boy etc. on the top of the screen. Sometimes it is sponsored by Toyota. Do they still have this on Foxtel?

Here’s an early example from Seven:


How Channel Nine does it at the end of 1pm movies:


What’s the point of showing credits if you can’t read them?..