COVID-19: SA Outbreak

Unfortunately, that streak has ended:


How? I just don’t get it. Where’s the virus come from all of a sudden?

It has been detected in the sewage for months. The key is to not become complacent. Australia’s strategy has never been elimination. So these sorts of community cases are going to occur all the time. It is then the job of the government to track the close contacts and stop the spread as quick as they can. This will be a good test of the SA government who have done a great job so far.


The family member works at a medi hotel, that may have been where she caught it from and then passed it on. SA has had an increasing amount of return travellers test positive.

Will Qld now be closing its borders to SA or will they be engaging in further hypocrisy?


Isnt there some kind of 24-esque countdown that happens first?


Oh yes to find the source. Again more nonsense. Covid normal really means there will be Covid around but we are managing it. It seems Qld cannot accept that reasoning.

If the same rules QLD applies to NSW apply to SA, then the 48-hour clock for South Australia to find the source of the virus starts now!

For sure - but we also need to be careful not to jump at changing the situation on the back of single day outbreaks.

It appears they know - one of the people infected works in a Medi-Hotel (which have seen a spike in cases this week)


QLD didn’t close its borders to regional NSW when a case was found there last week.

QLD will open its borders to Sydney by the end of the month unless something drastic changes. I think this was just a staggered approach for QLD to test the waters.

“Victoria and NSWs need to close their borders to SA ASAP” and “very low testing over there too” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :man_facepalming:

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Their testing isn’t fantastic to be fair.

I’m taking the piss… they should be fine if their contact tracing is working.


There is no need to panic. Obviously the priority is to find the source, but the SA government needs to hold its nerve and stick to its plan to open its border to Victoria.

I believe they have found the source. Its likely come from the person who works at Medi-Hotel which is a place that has returning overseas travelers. Actually really impressive how quickly SA has tested and traced this one.

If that is true, will there be change in policies in regards to people working in Medi-Hotels in Adelaide?

EDIT: the hotel has been identified as Peppers Waymouth in Adelaide CBD.

There is always that risk. There were over 14 active cases in the last 2 weeks and apparently all active cases were in the Medi-Hotel in Adelaide. Perhaps there was a breach in procedure but unfortunately sometimes there is that risk.

This was an article a few weeks ago about the hotel system in SA.


I just wonder if people who are working in the Medi-Hotels throughout Australia should be forced to be tested on a weekly or even more frequent basis.

The prevailing mood seems to be one of complacence in South Australia - low testing numbers (despite some COVID related sewer testing), low mask usage, hit and miss record-keeping for contact tracing

We’ve seen already that the greatest risk vector to another outbreak is how HQ is undertaken - as pressure to allow more people to come home for Christmas ramps up, this has the potential to become a signficant test


Yes this is my big issue with SA. Hardly anyone keeps records for contact tracing purposes. Huge issue in SA. And hopefully this is the wake up call the government needs to make it mandatory.

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