COVID-19: Discussion of Impact 😷

Hamish McDonald really pushing back on Catherine Bennett’s pro-Gladys bias. About time someone did that. She’s gradually been becoming more and more blatant.


Are all these professors getting paid for these appearances?

QLD Update: 2 local cases overnight both in home isolation - students from St Thomas More College.

I would like to see these left wing commentators (pro labor fans) do a better job . Hamish has a problem with women it’s as simple as that and it shows.

Sunrise Correspondent Bianca Stone reported this morning that a 71-year old Queensland man named Ron, had heart surgery in New South Wales and is now trying to get back into Queensland.

Shortly after speaking with Sunrise, Ron collapsed and suffered a medical episode. Bianca Stone reported that he was “shaken up and unsure of how he will get back to Queensland.” He has written to Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young to seek an exemption, and after just using up his remaining money at a hotel, he is afraid he’ll end up homeless if he’s not allowed across the border to go back home.

Did the media report on any border closure sob stories from Victoria last year? or from any other states in their lockdowns since?
How how is it that people in NSW are always the victims?

The ABC constantly runs these stories about the WA border on the website (they were doing about one every few days for a good while, though have eased off recently) , but I suspect the real reason why you get so many examples and footage on the NSW / QLD border is because it’s the only state border in a driveable distance for the likes of Seven and Nine to report on. Combine that with shows like Sunrise where the EP is quite aggressively letting his political views shine through and that’s why it keeps happening.


Just a hunch but border communities relying more on the other state’s health services. Queenslanders into NSW, NSW into Vic.

There have been plenty of stories of people unable to get into Victoria in order to get home.

The only ones i’ve seen are of people stuck in NSW.

NSW closed its border to Victoria for 4 months in 2020, did sunrise ever report any of the stories of people stranded south of the Murray?


no idea, I don’t watch Sunrise.

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NSW never barred its residents from returning to the state at any stage, there were 14 day isolation requirements for returnees during the 4 month border closure but not a ban on them returning full stop, like we see at the moment in QLD/VIC/WA, which is the key difference.

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They should have. But lets not forget Sunrise favours NSW, QLD, VIC, NT & ACT then having any stories on W.A’s insane borders. Which to me is insane. If you are going to be convistant in your bias, at least start critizing W.A for their fortress. Be consistant. Be like Sky News. Who report the hard earning facts. (Sorry i couldn’t say that with a straight face)

BBC, ITV News are very bias towards the awesome Johnson Government who have immensely lead us out of COVID-19 but they keep reporting or manipulating facts like Seven and Nine to fit their agenda.

There’s still two weeks - WA absolutely should mandate at least 1 dose for grand final attendance.


Leigh raised some interesting points in regards to discussions on COVID-19:

In the Australian corner of Twitter, the space is dominated by views that are militantly pro-lockdown, pro-COVID zero and pro-Labor premiers, and even the tamest of questions in those directions prompts an onslaught. Topics currently guaranteed to trigger a pile-on include data from official sources that highlights the minimal risks to children from COVID; reporting about the unintended costs of lockdowns including Australians stranded overseas and harm to mental health; information about how safe the AstraZeneca vaccine is; and any analysis of whether policies such as hard border closures and the denial of return for residents stuck interstate are proportionate to the risk.

One would imagine that in a democracy, restrictions on citizens’ movements and freedoms should be subject to the most rigorous scrutiny. One might also assume all citizens would welcome journalists’ questioning of such policies and indeed, view it as not merely desirable but essential. Such extreme measures may well be needed during a pandemic. There could be solid answers to every query about every policy, but the idea that such restrictions should be accepted unquestioningly, even during a crisis, is chilling.

For example: should journalists raise the fact that a fully vaccinated Victorian resident with a negative COVID test who agrees to two weeks in quarantine is currently barred indefinitely from returning to their home if they are in New South Wales, unless they are granted a rare exemption? I asked that question last week and was attacked non-stop. According to the mob mentality on Twitter, questioning that decree is unacceptable.

Is she right?

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She’s 100% right. Brilliantly written piece.

I’d swap out “Twitter” for media spy.

That’s definitely what it increasingly feels like around here .

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I don’t think it’s just Twitter. Didn’t some opinion polls 2-3 months ago overwhelmingly echo the same sentiments of the general public? That view may have swayed a bit now that we’ve had more lockdowns but it shouldn’t be surprising that more of the general public in Australia fall on taking the side of caution and health advice.

Plus a lot of these topics probably go this way on Twitter because the type of people who a raising them (or fuelling them in the comments) are often very inconsistent, don’t have the greatest track record or have a specific agenda (antivaxxers, COVID deniers, far right wing groups, even the Vic Liberals etc). Not saying all are like this but there’s a lot out there.


IMO, those people should have been allowed to return home a long time ago. However there are some other people who are saying “oh, bad luck, you should not have been in NSW in the first place, and now you must stay in NSW until the lockdown is lifted”. Which is still some months away.

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QLD Update: 1 new local case overnight - another student who is in isolation.

More than 9000 children aged 12-15 were vaccinated on the first day of the Pfizer vaccine being made available to them.

Coverage of media conference shown on 7, 9 and 10. Zero coverage on ABC - promos for ABC shows shown instead.

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Sorry, but this site is like 1% compared to social media. It is very tame in comparison.