COVID-19: Discussion of Impact 😷

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General discussion of the impact of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

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Reports that F1 will be called off today. Things must be really getting serious now.


I could understand on Monday to keep the race going… but so much has changed in the last 4-5 days.


This report shows which Aussie shows have wrapped up filming and which may be affected:

Many productions have completed filming, including Travel Guides, Lego Masters, Between Two Worlds, Bachelor in Paradise, Rosehaven, Hungry Ghosts, Celebrity Name Game, Farmer Wants a Wife, Hard Quiz etc.


Today reporter Christine Ahern just tweeted this.

However, Hong Kong Jockey Club members who have booked for seats in one of the racecourse restaurants are allowed in during races.

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Quite a few more international sports announced cancellations overnight including Men’s ATP Tour (for 6 weeks) Women’s cricket tour to South Africa.

But it isn’t just sports that are affected. Disney has announced the close of Disneyland CA. An ominous development for theme parks here as well as the Easter Show.

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Just announced that the ODI AUS v NZ this weekend in Sydney will be held with no crowd.

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Is this the first time an international cricket match is being played in Australia behind closed doors?

It’s been reported the two F1 drivers flying home are former world champions Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen.

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Statement from Australian Grand Prix Corporation

At 9am today the Australian Grand Prix Corporation was advised by Formula 1 of their intention to cancel all Formula 1 activity at the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.

In light of this decision and updated advice this morning from the Chief Health Officer of the Victorian Government’s Department of Human and Health Services, the Australian Grand Prix Corporation confirms the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix is cancelled immediately.

Last night a member of the McLaren Racing team tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. A further seven individuals returned negative results, confirming that they do not have the COVID-19 virus.

Additionally, a ninth individual has been assessed and tested for the COVID-19 virus, with the results of this test pending. This individual is not associated with any Formula 1 team, the FIA or associated suppliers.

Our first priority is the safety of everyone including attendees, our personnel, all event partners and members of the local community.

Further information regarding refunds for ticket holders will be communicated in due course.

Speedcafe reports a further announcement regarding the fate of the support categories is expected later this morning.

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However Supercars said it was looking to schedule another race later this year.

Ironically the Corona Open Gold Coast (previously known as Quick Silver Pro) has been cancelled.

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Yet schools and universities still remain open. Just close the schools for the next 3 weeks leading up to the 2 week easter break. Hopefully COAG sorts this stuff out because it is slowly becoming a disaster.

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Well days of inaction by the government makes it seems slow. The numbers each day increase. Only when extreme measures have been put in place by countries that stem the tide of new cases.



Interesting take from Ding Dong…

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