Community Radio

Just a 15 minute segment though?

He’s going to love the Community Radio Codes of Practice!


Hmm, they may want to invest in some top KC’s just incase, lol.

There’s some comments here that are way off the mark regarding Allan Jones at CoastFM, & I guess those making them don’t know the details. There’s quite a few similar comments in other industry forums from what I’d say are people who hate Allan because he’s been more successful than they ever will be.

Allan is doing this for CoastFM for no payment as John Singleton has asked him to.

The way it works is listeners can email CoastFM (via a special email address) about any concerns they have about Central Coast issues, that they can’t get any traction or info on, to get the issues resolved or moved forward, Allan will investigate & push things using his contacts in various places he’s gained over the years & then report back via a pre-recorded “Ask Allan” segment.

Anything contentious that might break any legal rules under any codes will not go to air, there’s nothing live about this & it’s not really Allan’s opinion on things, it’s about him using his power & who he knows, to get things done on the Central Coast that no one else can get done.


I imagine his segment will be pre-recorded so they can edit anything if required.

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Where is Alan Jones residing these days?
I thought it was Gold Coast?
Singo’s on the Central Coast isn’t he?

I’m sure that’s reassuring for the station.

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Yes he just bought a house on the Gold Coast. Could see something similar popping up on 4CRB or possibly 94.1 Gold Coast as it’s a conservative hotspot.

4CRB used to run the Alan Jones comment back in the day and also currently airs highlights of Ben Fordham’s show from 2GB.

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The Gold Coast is for the newly wed and nearly dead (the Cold Ghosts).


Which would suit Jones perfectly as he is in “the nearly dead” category (he’ll be 82 next month).


With a target demo that’s probably approaching a median age over 80, too.

Yeah not sure that stereotype is quite as accurate these days.


Indeed; the post was jocular. It’s not quite Harrington Waters to be sure :slight_smile:

(Alan may find an audience on many a NSW North Coast station).


Where did I fit into that one before I moved hahaha

An Indigenous footy radio broadcast station may be forced to hang up the microphone just days out from round one after a call for help to the AFL was left unanswered.

The National Indigenous Radio Service broadcasts AFL matches into remote Indigenous communities around the country, with the station made up of almost entirely Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander commentators.

The station, who have hosted talent such as Gilbert McAdam, Andrew Krakouer, Nathan Lovett-Murray and Peter Keenan may not go to air this season after over 25 years of broadcasting after a lack of sponsorship and funding made it almost impossible to operate this season.

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Much appreciated. It was fixed pronto :wink:


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Did someone forget to print the ‘r’ ? :joy:


How dare they call me a community station!

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HA! That is gold
We had a few minor broadcast issues especially with crossing to the stage from the OB van… Event MC Patrick Bonello was really good and dropped off his RodeCaster so I was able to have a 2 way connection into his earpiece at all times and he could hear when we would cross over.

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