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Victoria could use some rain right now.

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One meter of rain in a week


Same with the Canberra region, though we have a naturally dry climate. Plenty of grass fires igniting and I think that will only increase in February and March, unless La Nina has one last hurrah. Usually significant rainfall in the tropics filters down here at some point, if only in the form of extended thunderstorm outbreaks. Storms are a double-edged sword as they have a nasty habit of igniting bush and grass fires.

People have got used to the abnormally wet climate that has prevailed these last couple of years; we are simply reverting to more normal rainfall now. The law of averages and past experience suggest we could well be in for a dire summer next year; I’m already planning a holiday next January to King Island which is probably the best place to ride out high summer in Australia (no storms, fires, equable temperatures). El Nino is not yet locked in but it’s looking pretty likely; we’ll have to wait until June for a clearer picture.

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Just started to rain at my house after 13 days of no rain. Very happy.

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It’s like a reverse of last January in Qld this time the north and central parts of the state are wet but from Bundaberg south it is dry.

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CQ has been missing everything most of the time but as is usual these days, when it rains it’s way too much.

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I think when it rained this month it was just right .

Hopefully February doesn’t go dry again, looks stormy in the long term outlook .

Still quite cool this month we’ve only had 1 day this month of 30 deg or more , last year we had 18 days in Yeppoon of 30 deg or more and 2 of those were 35 deg or more . Much more humid then too.

We seem to be getting endless SE/E winds

We had 6 days in the 30’s last month

So so far this summer just 7 days in the 30’s and only 1 was 35 deg last month.

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Earlier we had both rain and thunder here in Mornington.

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Some of the images on social media are unbelievable this morning.

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My Sydney based relative was supposed to depart from Auckland last night but was stuck in the plane for hours after boarding, Luckily they were served food and drinks. After a few hours, they were allowed to return to the terminal but parts of the airport were flooded. Unsurprisingly when there is a disaster, there’s usually some issues with communication. She’s just waiting confirmation from Qantas whether there is a flight out later today. I think this will have a flow on effect on the subsequent flights. The Qantas staff have their work cut out for them.

It makes me realise that everytime that I travel overseas, I am at the mercy of Mother Nature.

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Auckland Airport’s domestic terminal is now open for arrivals and departures, but international flights will not be able to land until Sunday.

The domestic terminal re-opened at 12pm.

But the international terminal will not reopen for departing flights until 5pm - apart from the three aircraft already at the gates - and there will be no arriving flights until Sunday 4.30am.

Two international aircraft remain with their passengers in the gate lounge or onboard waiting to depart.

More than 2000 people stayed overnight at Auckland Airport terminals after the flooding left them cut off.

I see Adelaide had a very hot night … it was still 29 degrees at 5am.

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Standard for them this time of year during heatwaves! I have seen as high as 40C at midnight and an absolute low of around 35C.

Auckland is a wet place to start with and is vulnerable to heavy rain events in summer, but this ‘rain bomb’ was something else. Climate change is showing itself mainly in the extremes and this is yet another example.

Plenty of other extreme events happening every day across the globe:

Record cold in Japan and Siberia (one place you don’t want record cold…) whilst New York City hasn’t had any accumulating snow so far this winter.

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Dewpoints above 20C in Bungendore and Braidwood last night, horrible stuff. I see parts of Sydney briefly hit 24-25 DP earlier today, that’s the same as Innisfail and Cairns right now. This deep tropical humidity is probably the result of our mid latitude trough directly connecting with the proper monsoon trough up north:

A quite extraordinary night of rain here in Albury. Despite forecasts saying only 10mm or so for the day, we’re at 92mm and counting.

By my reckoning, it’s going to be at least the 6th wettest 24 hour period on record, with all records bar 1863 potentially being broken with the rain yet to stop. (spreadsheet is my own)


For us it was so bizarre seeing all those images because we spent our first two nights in NZ at the hotel at the International Terminal. The arrivals area and all those areas underwater were parts we had been walking through only 48 hours earlier.

We luckily seemed to be a day ahead of the worst of this system which was good but we’re in the campervan and have still copped hundreds of mm of rain over the last few days. We’ve just made it to the south island yesterday and it is so hot and muggy (for us poor Tasmanians). Very beautiful but when we get dressed after a shower, it’s like we’ve just stepped out again.


Hot and muggy in the South Island ? Unlucky. Auckland, Northland and down to Hamilton do warm and muggy summers but that doesn’t usually extend even to Wellington. You can thank La Nina and the perpetually warm oceans around New Zealand for it.

Tassie has actually copped some mugginess as well at times during these La Ninas (dewpoints high teens to sometimes low 20s) but it usually doesn’t last for long. Currently horribly muggy in Canberra and the humidity is righteous on the coast. A strong cold front is set to clear it out at the end of the week; Dunedin usually gets the cold front a day after Canberra.

I often think Tassie and the South Island of NZ should unite as one country given their climatic similarities…and I call E-skip between the two the ‘Salmon Path’ :smiley:

On the topic of humidity our first burst of high dew points this season in Yeppoon coming up this week from the BOM Meteye website :slight_smile:




SE wind change on Sunday takes until midnight almost and still drops to a high 24

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