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What do you think of the climate in your city?

dry as a dead dingo’s donger

Perth BTW

I think that Sydney’s climate warms up earlier these days. The last 2-3 years at least anyway, we’ve had some very hot days in October/November!

Hobart had its hottest Christmas Day in 70 years reaching 36 degrees passing the previous mark of around 34. A sign of things to come this summer it seems! I guess they were predicting a scorcher summer months ago.

The washing dried nice and fast today.

Least we had a cool start to summer. Got to 42C outside at my place today. Didn’t really feel it, had the AC set to 24C all day.

Sick of the crazy Melbourne weather :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn yeah it was so hot that when I went to my local IGA my bon nearly melted before I could get back home

Weather in the blue mountains area been cold the last 4 days strange summer weather. Last week it was quite warm but didn’t last. :blush:

Typical Victorian weather really! :wink: Was back in Melbourne for the Christmas period and it was a really hot one this year.

Melbourne/VIC & Adelaide/South Australia experiencing 3 heatwaves during December!

Very hot. 40 again in Melbourne tomorrow (first Christmas Day & now NYE). Feeling for the Surf Coast.

Gettinf very wet up the north, including NSW in coming days (typical).

Unusually milder December for much of Perth.

Well, the weather here in NSW (Sydney-Newcastle) in the last 2 days has just been wonderful.

Clear blue skies, 24 degrees, light winds, no humidity, just like spring or autumn really… Set to stay that way until Sunday :smiley:

Absolutely no complaints from me about the weather here in Sydney this week. :thumbsup:

Of course, Sydney is expected to get a fair bit of rain next week (so no fun for those planning to go to the cricket at the SGC)…Monday especially. But I guess we’ll just have to take the good with the bad.

Will be pushing back up to near 30 degrees in Hobart by next Tuesday (will be somewhat cooler than Melbourne in the next few days though).

Much of VIC are still getting some of this ex-tropical low moving down, but not to the extent NSW, QLD or NT will be getting.

Melbourne will still be geting high 20s to 30 much of next week, despite a day or two or drizzle/showers :slight_smile:


Melbourne max going to be 42 degrees tomorrow and on Thursday the max will only be 19! Melbourne weather for you.

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You could almost make a B-grade horror movie out of tomorrow’s weather forecast for the Sydney metropolitan area.

Minimum temperatures no lower than 20 degrees, even in Katoomba. Ahead of rain and possible storms developing late in the day there will be maximums of 38 in the city and 40-41 in the Western suburbs. Bondi and Cronulla get lucky with tops of 35 and 36 respectively.

Basically, it’s going to be fan/air conditioner weather in Sydney tomorrow :scream:

Strong wind and a dust storm has hit Melbourne CBD after temperature hit 42.2C this afternoon.

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@JohnsonTV I feel for you guys in Melbourne :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
lucky me I’m sitting in front of open fireplace this morning here,so bloody glad l’m away from Melbourne.

Over it!

29°C minimum here in Townsville a couple of nights ago, with about 80% humidity. The “Feels Like” temperature didn’t go below 35°C all night.
Normal minimums at this time of year around 25°C - 27°C.

Can’t wait to move honestly. I like the city, but it’s just way too hot.

I’m originally from Central QLD, not much further south, but gee there’s a massive difference in temperatures. At least down there the mornings are around 5°C - 10°C in Winter. Up here everyone goes crazy when we have one morning below 15°C.

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A bit of a surprise this morning with the temp here at home getting down to 4.3! Hasn’t been in the single digits for a while so that was quite a shock.

Hoping to finish getting my weather station up and running again fully soon. unfortunately last year I lost about 3 years of records but I’ve managed to make a couple of the big ones back up with a top temp of 34.9 last week one day (the all time record that I lost was 35.2 so it was close) and I’ve had -2.2 as the minimum set last year.

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