Yes, The Project is exempt from classification due to its status as a news program.


So there seems to be some grey area or at least some feel there should be limits on what is/isn’t allowed in “E” programs?

Which includes sport.


Back in the days, the 7pm project used to rate PG right until the end of October 2011. Since November 2011, the show was rebranded as The Project and dropped the PG rating. I think that this is followed by the axing of the short-lived 6:30pm with George Negus.


Swearing has been allowed in sport on television for a long time because it is live.

Mal Meninga with the c and f words in first State of Origin 1993.


Not just that but also Channel TEN Perth televised the Western Derby match live when Eagles player Michael Braun said ‘Lets have a fucking good year.’ Did ACMA reviewed this complaint of the Derby Match that was televised on NEW10 Perth?


Yes, yes, and GWS star Phil Davis said the f word to Jude Bolton post match less than a week ago and it was talked about in the media…
I think we missed the point, I wasn’t saying I didn’t know that already happens, even if more common than thought.
But was just reminding people here that sport also carries no classification restrictions.


It’s not exactly a free-for-all in News and sports programs, licensees are to exercise care in the selection of material for the program, having regard for the age of the likely viewership. But the unclassified rating exists because, being live, the broadcaster can’t have total control on what airs. Basically presenters shouldn’t swear, but can’t have control over guests who might not be so thoughtful or aware.
Also remember ACMA don’t investigate anything unless someone complains to the station and isn’t satisfied with the response received.


Seven appears to have re-reviewed and re-classified The Simpsons episodes, as they’re just re-runs that have already been shown on 7mate earlier this year, yet were a different classification (“PG” for every one) and had no consumer advice. Mayne someone either internally or externally gave them a nudge at how poor or little effort the classification department had previously put in. As previously mentioned, Ten were always through, classifying each episode with consumer advice.

7:30pm 7mate tonight

8pm 7mate tonight


The advisory voice is the one thing I remember from my youth. Simpsons, TAYG, Merlin, movies, etc…


You don’t have the surname of the guy?


His name is Mr Paul Pittioni, who used to do voiceovers for TEN but as of 2015, he has been doing voiceovers for Channel Nine.


I miss the days of the full screen classification advice before a programme started!


I miss the days when we didn’t even need them. All there was was the classification graphic on the bottom corner of the screen when the show started, and it wasn’t an alphabet of letters: C, G, PGR, AO. That was it. If a movie was particularly racy it was “AO Modified For Television” :stuck_out_tongue:


Makes me think of our abbreviations PRG or EPG


PGR was Parental Guidance Recommended before it was switched the more commonly used worldwide PG.

AO was Adults Only, in case you were left wondering. :stuck_out_tongue:


BBC First still has them. :smiley:


They are still seen on Foxtel. Lifestyle:


ABC Comedy still does full screen classifications. Well, they do for Schitt’s Creek at any rate.


I’m pretty sure that all ABC and SBS stations still run “traditional” Classification Warnings before programs whenever required.


Yes, SBS still run them