How gruesome to remember.


I do believe that 9Gem edited a scene out of A View to a Kill (1985) this evening. One of the more controversial scenes, shortly after Zorin sets off the explosion in his mine.

Perhaps our resident movie man and classification expert can advise?


There’s a few edits in A View to a Kill here. :wink:

I know our resident movie man Luke will be upset about me taking his job away from him here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but these are two obvious edits.

The scene with Dr. Carl Mortner and Scarpine fighting over the sticks of dynamite (just before Zorin’s airship explodes with them) and frames either side of it are clearly edited out:

And with May Day coming out of the mine on the tram car there’s a closeup edited out just as the detonator and bomb goes off with her on it:


I also happened to catch the ending last night and can confirm @EyewitnessTV.

Oddly, Nine always air the cut “PG” version, even when they don’t need to (i.e.) last night. Wonder why? Perhaps Nine have a bigger issue with that scene @Bort refers to?

Nine also always title it incorrectly in the EPG as “A View To Kill” :expressionless:

Here’s what is edited in that version (quite a bit actually), some are very questionable (as in look no higher than PG anyway):

•Cut shots of two men in a helicopter when smoke from a flare billows inside.

•Cut shots of a bullet wound in a man’s shirt after he’s shot in the chest and cropped two more.

•Completely removed Zorin shooting all of his workers in the mine (as @Bort referred to).

•Cut a man being thrown into an underwater propeller.

•Cut a frame of May Day before she’s blown up outside the mine, where it flashes white (as @EyewitnessTV referred to).

•Cut a shot of a man falling from a plane into the water.

•Cut Zorin hitting the water (after falling from the Golden Gate Bridge).

•Cut shots of two men handling burning dynamite in the blimp before it explodes (as Eyewitness also referred to).



You really are the movie man. Kudous.



Just a heads up for anyone interested, there is a YouTube channel called “Australian TV & Movie Censorship”.

It’s fantastic, has a number of movies broadcast on FTA TV from the last few years, which have been edited for content & compares each to the uncut versions.

And no, it’s not my account, barely know how to use YouTube myself


7mate are airing the Family Guy “Star Wars” trilogy over 3 Sundays (last week and the next two).

All were classified MA15+ with strong sexual references by the Classification Board.

I take it Seven have edited these to M, for the 7:30pm slot?

Wonder what they removed. Always difficult no doubt being animation.

Ten did it regularly over the years with The Simpsons, especially when it had to be G at 6pm (removing any coarse word - including crap/slut/bitch, etc and punches/blood, etc).


Good to see Seven being consistent in butchering the Indiana Jones movies :wink:

Once again removing the most ‘famous death’ in the film…

•Raiders: melting faces
•Doom: heart removal
•Last Crusade: N/A (PG uncut)

•Kingdom (tonight): “BIG DAMN ANTS”, where the guy gets eaten by the siafu:

Although Perth got to see it last night, as it was broadcast after 8:30pm

And viewers aren’t dumb…


That’s debatable.

They’re repeatedly watching the movie on a commercial network when they know it’s been butchered before.


Why do people still bother watching movies like this on TV in the first place these days? They know full well more often than not there are going to be edits in them for various reasons.

If you want to watch a movie intact then buy the bloody DVD or source it from other means!



You wouldn’t steal a car… :wink:


I think even the networks know that TV airings of movies are essentially filler programing these days.

Agreed. Movies on DVD are so cheap these days and you get all the special features + no ad breaks, Break Playout Bumpers, Watermarks, In-Program Promotional Graphics, Over Credits Voiceovers/Promos or any other elements that characterise TV airings of movies.


Well I would if the only legal car purchase available edited out seatbelts.

You understand?


Just saw one of the most bizarre classifications ever…

Family Guy: Star Wars (the “It’s A Trap” one) ob 7mate at 7:30pm.

It was allowed to remain as “M” (Stylised Violence & Sexual References).

Yet Seven ‘beeped out’ every F-Word!?

WTF :thinking:

(F-Words are allowed at the M-level & it’s M on DVD too with “Coarse Language” also added).

Did Seven want to avoid potential complaints from kids accidently watching, regardless?


They’re probably just airing the edited for TV copy that would have been distributed to them (these did air on FOX afterall).


And… Social media just exploded again with disgust aimed at Seven’s removal of the famous ‘face melt’ scene at the end of “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” (1981).

I agree! 9:50pm? PG? Pathetic. Don’t air it at 7:30pm then, just wait until 8:30pm.


It’s probably the only copy of the film they have available and they can’t be bothered sourcing an uncensored copy.


No, it’s their own scheduling fault.

“M” classified films can only be broadcast between 12pm and 3pm weekdays (excluding school and public holidays) & 8:30pm and 5am.

The past month on the main channel (Saturdays) and again now on 7mate (Mondays) they’ve scheduled them for a 7:30pm commencement.

Obviosuly for bigger ratings, earlier prime-time.

Thus have to modify them for broadcast.

Code of Practice

I think I’ve only seen one of them uncut (after 8:30pm) years ago and that was “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” (2008).

Perth actually got that version last Friday night, but other markets on Saturday got their cut version.

It’s all frustrating and rather silly, this day and age :pensive: :anguished:



A lot of people are simply just naive to the fact that there could be possible edits in them and they continue to watch the movie, without ever giving it a second thought. Not to mention the fact that some people are just lazy and can’t be bothered changing the channel (or watching a DVD instead). :stuck_out_tongue: