Highway Patrol encore (Melb & Adel) late this Saturday on Ch 7 has been classified “M” with “Coarse Language”.

It was classified PG on Monday night.

I’ve never seen a HP episode classified M before, the language is always censored.

So Seven either got both an uncut & cut versions from Greenstone TV or they edited the ep themselves.

It’s a win for older aged fans of the hit factual though, who want to hear exactly what those agro drivers are saying :wink:


I would have though older people would be less inclined to want to hear that.


Interesting to see conflicted classifications for “Blue Murder: Killer Cop” (2017).

It was actually submitted to the Classification Board back in January (“Beyond Entertainment” on behalf of Seven/Endemol Shine) for DVD, already available for pre-order at JBHi-Fi.

They classified it “MA15+ strong themes and violence”:

But Seven classified it (Part 1 for TV) tonight as “MA15+ Strong Violence, Frequent Coarse Language, Drug Use & Strong Adult Themes”.

So the Classification Board had the same as Seven’s classifiers in regards to violence and themes, yet didn’t think the language nor drugs warranted consideration for the MA15+ classification?

It seems the discrepancies continue :thinking:


unfortunately the discrepancies will continue while film and television are classified via different rules.

Just make it violence instead of high level violence or strong violence. Does it really matter anymore?

The argument will be the sex scene was pretty mild and not MA15+ therefore doesn’t get mentioned.


I think Australia TV meant that Seven’s classification last night (Part 2) was “MA15+ Strong Violence, Frequent Coarse Language & A Sex Scene”.

However I agree with the Classification Board’s view, last night the stronger “sex scene” (of which there were two) was still commensurate with an M classification :thinking:


Let’s be honest, it’s not that hard to work out what they are saying


WWE is MA15+ lol


Interesting Program advisory warning from 1992:


What movie was it?


This warning would be the precursor to the MA15+ classification. I guess the movie was Basic Instinct.


I believe that’s the warning they should’ve shown (but didn’t) before airing Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos. Sorry, couldn’t resist! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Although the film is from 1992 and was released in Australian cinemas that year, Basic Instinct (which of course, got the MA rating for TV) didn’t have it’s Australian TV premiere on Nine until April 1994. So it’s not that one.

Australian TV in 1992 was still running the old style “PGR” and “AO” classifications. In September 1993, those became PG and M while the “MA” classification (at the time, programs & movies with that rating could only be shown after 9pm) was introduced.


“Basic Instinct” (1992) last aired on 7mate a year ago.

Interesting that Nine didn’t edit the ‘sex scene’ (which was restrained/stylised anyway) in “Goldeneye” (1995), just noticed it a few moments ago?

Even though the movie is “PG” uncut, Seven removed much of that scene when they broadcast it :thinking:

ACMA - “PG”: Sexual activity should be mild and discreetly implied, and be justified by context

Obviously Seven believed (in those terms) that scene breached it, yet Nine didn’t (agreeing with the Classification Board).

Yet the rules between the ACMA & CB differ slightly in some areas!


They really need to fix the inconsistency.

I’ve always found the OFLC PG rating for Goldeneye odd. Feels like an M movie to me.


Oh, yes, that’s the other scene Seven edited :+1:

Didn’t see if Nine did tonight (did anyone)? But based of my last post, doubtful.


Thanks Seven for butchering the hell out of Raiders of the Lost Ark :neutral_face:


Why would you even bother?



Me watching it or them airing it cut?

It is a pretty grisly film in parts, with a bumper lead-in of potential children, obviously had to be done (it’s “M” uncut anyway isn’t it?)


Why would you bother watching a movie on free to air which is cut down from an M version to a PG version but also continually interrupted by adverts, and then complain about the cuts?


Did they edit anything else other than the melting faces? I only started half-way through.


They edited lots:

•Cut two shots of a man with spears sticking out of his body (opening)

•Cut a man on fire and then that man being shot in the head (in the bar scene)

•Cut the death of the man whose face is sliced by a propeller, including punches before (air strip scene)

•Cut a man’s face shrivelling up, a man’s face melting and a man’s head exploding (ending ark scene)