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And in Qld around that time, 9 had Shirl’s Neighbourhood when it was produced at 7.


Notice Kevin Crease presenting 6.30 news on Seven. It was in the middle of his decade-long stay at ADS-7 before returning to Nine in 1987.
Also, Nine Adelaide got a two hour highlights of one-day cricket in primetime, unlike in late 1980s and 1990s when local fans had to stay up until around midnight for highlights.


So I take this was before the amalgamation of “network” affiliations?


networks existed but they weren’t like they are now.

In this case, Family Feud was a TVW7 production in Perth, and TVW7 was not part of any network then. They sold it to ADS7 Adelaide and BTQ7 Brisbane.

But then GTV9/TCN9 bought it for showing in Melbourne and Sydney but the legacy deals already struck with the 7 stations still held.

Even when production shifted to the studios of GTV9 it continued to be shown on the Seven stations outside of Sydney and Melbourne.


Melbourne TV listings: Sunday, March 1, 1998
from The Age

6.00 Rage (cont’d)
7.00 Arthur
7.30 Katie & Orbie
8.00 Agent Z & the Penguin from Mars
8.30 Couch Potato with Jane Nield
8.35 Stickin’ Around
9.00 Round the Twist
9.30 The Ascent of Man “Knowledge or Certainty”
10.30 Gardening Australia
11.00 Songs of Praise “Tenerife”
11.30 The Inner Path “Into the Desert”
12.00 Landline
1.00 Something to Sing About
2.00 Lawn Bowls: Australia v. England (2nd test)
4.00 NBL: Adelaide 36ers v. Melbourne Tigers
6.00 Children’s Hospital
6.50 Consuming Passions
7.00 ABC News
7.30 Ballykissangel (ABC News at 8.25)
8.30 Tom Jones
9.20 Jonathan Miller’s Opera Works
10.05 Compass “Creating Manhood”
10.35 For Love or Money
10.40 Sex, Lies and Jerzy Kosinski
11.40 Family “Charlo”
12.30 Movie “A Night to Remember”
2.30 Great Crimes & Trials of the 20th Century
3.00 Greek Language and People
4.00 Perspective
4.30 Australian Studies
5.00 A Sense of Place
5.30 Earth Revealed

HSV7 (Seven)
6.00 Reach for a Rainbow
6.30 Young Robin Hood
7.00 Adventures of the Bush Patrol
7.30 A*mazing
8.00 Sunday Sunrise
9.00 Sportsworld
12.00 AFL: Sydney v. Melbourne (from Wellington, NZ)
3.00 Movie “Allegheny Uprising”
4.40 Tom & Jerry
5.00/5.30 Get Smart
6.00 Seven Nightly News
6.30 Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
7.00 Soul Man
7.30 Home Improvement
8.00 Dharma & Greg
8.30 Movie “Braveheart”
12.05 L.A. Heat
1.05 NBC Today
2.05 NBC Meet the Press
3.05 Telemall Shopping
4.05 Pacific Blue
5.10 Second Chances

GTV9 (Nine)
6.00 Turn 'Round Australia
6.30 World View (series return)
7.00 Challenger
7.30 Small Business Show
8.00 Business Sunday
9.00 Sunday
11.00 Cricket: NSW v. Queensland (final)
1.30 Fish
2.00 Cricket: NSW v. Queensland (cont’d)
6.00 National Nine News
6.30 Our World “The Call of Kakadu” (Keno at 7.29)
7.30 60 Minutes
8.30 Movie “Clear and Present Danger” (Newsbreak at 11.25)
11.30 Movie “Mind Field”
1.25 Hunter “Code 3”
2.25 Celebrity Home Shopping
3.25 Naked City “Go Fight City Hall”
4.30 Barney Miller “The Clown”
5.00 Good Times
5.30 Gomer Pyle “Win a Date”

ATV10 (Ten)
6.00 Mass for You at Home
6.30 Sword Fish
7.00 Mission Top Secret
7.30 Totally Wild
8.00 News Week
8.30 Meet the Press
9.00 Video Hits
11.30 Golf Australia
12.00 Golf: Australian Ladies Masters (from the Gold Coast)
5.00 Ten News
5.30 The Addams Family
6.00 Hogan’s Heroes
6.30 The Nanny “Fransome”
7.00 Roseanne “The Getaway, Almost”
7.30/8.00 The Simpsons
8.30 Movie “Groundhog Day”
10.35 Ten News
11.05 Sports Tonight
11.35 Whitbread Round the World update
12.05 Movie “Breaking the Code”
1.50 Ruby Wax Does the Season
2.20 Telemall Shopping
3.50 Aboriginal Australia
4.00 Life in the Word
4.30 Kenneth Copeland
5.00 Marilyn Hickey
5.30 This is Your Day

6.00 L’Ahbarijet
6.30 Chilean News
7.00 Hungarian News
7.30 Ukrainian News
8.00 Arabic News
8.30 WeatherWatch & Music
8.55 Oto Polska
9.30 Apo Tin Ellada
10.00 Italia News
10.30 Italian Soccer highlights
11.30 NHL Powerweek
12.30 Soccer: African Nations Cup
2.30 Dateline
3.30 World Sport
4.00 Beach Volleyball: AVF Tour
4.30 Speed Week
5.30 The Movie Show
6.00 Glenroe (Ireland)
6.30 SBS World News
7.00 World Sport
7.30 Under One Roof (Singapore)
8.00 History’s Turning Points
8.30 The Bank, the President & the Pearl of Africa (UK)
9.30 Masterpiece “Sensual Nature of Sound” (US)
10.30 Movie “La Strada” (Italy)
12.20 Catholics Under Nazism (France)
1.15 temporary close
5.00 Weatherwatch & Music


Is it me or everyone’s forgotten when a imported TV show started airing here and started trusting the Wikipedia dates? I got this from a Fair Dinkum Histories book (by Jackie French), where it mentioned that if they had a TV in the early days, kids could stop playing cowboys and indians and watch something like The Flintstones (in the US, it aired from 1960-66). I’m not sure if imported programs “In Living Color” could be watched before 1975 (unless it ran in B&W piror (eg. Doctor Who))…


Melbourne, Sunday 5 February 2006
from The Age Green Guide

6.00 Rage cont’d
6.30 Fimbles (G/return)
6.55 Global Grover [P]
7.00 Boo! (G)
7.10 Fireman Sam (G)
7.20 Sheeep (G)
7.30 Tupu (G)
7.55 Old Tom (G)
8.10 Sir Gadabout (G)
8.35 Blue Water High (G)
9.00 Zoo’s Company (G/finale)
9.30 Return to Port Davey (G)
10.00 Juliette of the Herbs (G)
11.00 Songs of Praise (G/from Tyneside, NE England)
11.30 Compass “Kevin Rudd and the God Factor” (G)
noon Best of Landline
1.00 Beyond the Nature Strip (G)
1.30 Message Stick “Broome Hero” (G)
2.00 MSO Classical Spectacular (G)
4.00 KISS & the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (G)
5.00 Mandela: The Living Legend (G/pt 1)
6.00 Pilot Guides “Ultimate China” (G/finale)
7.00 News/Sport/Weather
7.30 Bears: Spy in the Woods (G)
8.25 News
8.30 Carnivale “Lincoln Hwy/Cheyenne, WY” (Mlsv)
10.10 Compass “Beyond Narnia: C.S. Lewis” (G)
11.10 The Private Life of a Masterpiece (G)
mid. The Third World War (Mvla)
1.00 Movie “Old Bill and Sam” (G/bw)
2.45 Movie “Make Mine Mink” (G/bw)
4.30 Movie “Carry On Up the Khyber” (PG)

8.00 Rage Top Fifty
11.00 WNBL Basketball
1.00 Secret Recipes
1.30 Gardening Australia
2.00 Charlie Brown & Snoopy
2.23 Martin Morning
2.34 Animal School
2.35 Dog & Cat
2.38 King
3.00 Ace Lightning
3.25 Lizzie McGuire
3.47 Girl Stuff, Boy Stuff
4.00/6.00 Rugby Union: NT Sevens International 2006
8.00 Landline
9.00 Wolfmother
10.00 The Clash: Westway to the World (M)
11.00 Late Night Legends

6.00 One (G)
6.30 Tractor Tom (G)
7.00 Stanley “Woodpecker Woes”/“P.U. Pup” [C]
7.30 Tabaluga [C}
8.00 Weekend Sunrise
10.00 Blinky Bill’s Around the World Adventures “Baby Elephant Walk” [C]
10.30 Jetix (G; episodes of Super Robot Monkey Team, Hyper Force Go!, WITCH, and Sonic X)
noon Movie “The King and I” (G)
3.00 Movie “Breakfast with Einstein” (G)
5.00 Will & Grace “Love is in the Airplane” (PG)
5.30 What Not to Wear (PG)
6.00 News/Sport/Weather
6.30 Hot Property (G)
7.30 World’s Craziest Videos (G)
8.00 World’s Wildest Weather “Tornado Chasers” (G/finale)
8.30 Movie “Legally Blonde” (PGls)
10.30 Less Than Perfect “Roomies” (PG)
11.00 Desperate Housewives “One Wonderful Day” (M)
mid. Movie “Eyewitness” (Mvl)
2.00 Guthy-Renker Australia (G)
3.00 NBC Today (G)
4.00 NBC Meet the Press (G)
5.00 Dateline NBC (PG)

6.00 Make Way for Noddy (G)
6.20 Little Red Tractor (G)
6.30 Barney & Friends (G)
7.00 Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi (G)
7.30 Download [C]
8.00 Y? [C]
8.30 Business Success (G)
9.00 Summer Sunday (finale)
10.00 Wild Adventures with David Ireland (G)
11.00 Movie “Zeppelin” (G)
1.00 Speed Machine (World Series Sprintcars, Rounds 3 and 4)
1.30 The Boat Show (G)
2.00 ODI Cricket: Australia-South Africa, Game 11 (live from the SCG)
6.00 News/Sport/Weather
6.30 Cricket cont’d
10.00 Movie “Lethal Weapon 4” (Mlv)
12.40 Movie “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation” (Mv)
2.30 Cheers (G)
3.00 Justice League (PG)
3.30 Guthy-Renker Australia (G)
5.00 Primetime

6.00 Mass for You at Home (G)
6.30 Hillsong (G)
7.00 Worst Best Friends “In the Pink” [C]
7.30 Totally Wild [C]
8.00 Inside Franchising (G)
8.30 Video Hits (G)
noon Golf: Australian Ladies’ Masters (from Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast)
5.00 News/Sport/Weather
5.30 Sports Tonight
6.00 Simpsons “Lost Our Lisa” (G)
6.30 Smallville “Velocity”/“Obsession” (PG)
8.30 Law & Order: SVU “Demons” (M/return)
9.30 Law & Order: Criminal Intent “Grow” (M/return)
10.30 The Sketch Show (PG/return)
11.30 Motor Racing: A1 Grand Prix (round 7 from Durban, South Africa)
12.30 Movie “In God’s Hands” (Ml)
2.20 Video Hits Up-Late (G)
2.30 Home Shopping (G)
4.00 Joyce Meyer (G)
4.30 Kenneth Copeland (PG)
5.00 James Robison (PG)
5.30 Benny Hinn (G)

6.00 WeatherWatch & Music
6.30 Filipino News
7.00 Hungarian News
7.30 Italian News Weekly
8.00 Korean News
8.30 Latin American News (Chile)
9.00 Maltese News
9.30 Polish News
10.00 Ukrainian News
10.30 Memories of Italy (G)
11.00 Cycling: UCI Track World Cup
noon Speedweek
2.00 The World Game
3.30 Futbol Mundial
4.00 The World Game
5.30 Cycling Central
6.00 Classical Destinations “The Real Song of Norway” (pt 3/Australia)
6.30 World News Australia
7.00 World Sport
7.30 Lost Worlds “Dangerous Liaisons: Famous Mistresses-Mistress of the Sun King pt 3” (Germany)
8.30 Science: Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation (Mans; conclusion/UK)
9.30 Movie “Like Water for Chocolate” (Man/Mexico)
11.25 Movie “Lumumba” (Mva/France)
1.20 The Storm Rages Twice (PG/Lebanon)
2.15 close
5.00 WeatherWatch & Music
5.25 Japanese News

7.30 Priority One
8.00 Nusantara
9.00 Macedonian program
9.30 Zontas 100%
10.00 Sri Lanka Morning Show
11.00 Entre Todos
11.30 India Aaj Kal
noon Somali TV
12.30 Sputnik
1.00 Al Hadara
1.30 The Italian Connection
2.00 Insegna Media
2.30 Qua e La
3.00 TV Sri Lanka
3.30 Vietnamese TV
4.00 Serbian TV
4.30 Hungarian TV
5.00 Croatian program
5.30 Good Evening Melbourne
6.00 Pinoy TV
7.00 Asian Community TV
8.00 One World
8.30 TV Hellas Greek Movie
10.00 The Baccalas
10.30 Russian Kaleidoscope
11.00 Spirit of Life
11.30 Tomorrow’s World
mid. Yartz
12.30 Late Night Programs


Can confirm they did air that night :slight_smile:


Today’s TV: 9.2.1980, Melbourne.

Source: TV Week


Albury/Wodonga TV Guide, 1 January 1992 (first day post-aggregation), from The Border Mail:

Interesting to note the inclusion of SBS despite it not broadcasting to Albury/Wodonga until August 1996.


Interesting to see SKY Channel listed there as its not a free-to-air channel.


TV Week used to list Sky Channel as well even though it was really only available in pubs and clubs pre-pay TV


Although from the guides I’ve seen including the one above, Sky Channel in the Late '80s/Early '90s seemed to have a broader mix of sporting content, adult programming/rock music videos at night and I think even simulcasts of National Nine News.

Presumably Sky’s transition to an all-racing format happened in the mid-late 1990s? What I know for sure is that the (original, pre-multichannel) direct to home Sky Racing service on Pay TV focused entirely on racing coverage from its September 1998 launch.


Any idea which 30min National News Southern Cross would be showing? Out of Bendigo perhaps?


From what I read somewhere, Southern Cross in Albury used to take Ten Eyewitness News/Ten News from Sydney in the early years of aggregation in Victoria as a point of difference to Prime & Vic TV relaying the Melbourne editions of Seven Nightly News & National Nine News respectively.


I’d say it was most likely the bulletin out of Melbourne or Sydney given that the Bendigo-based Southern Cross national bulletin did not start until January 20 (per the attached article from later that month).


Southern Cross had about a dozen changes to their news line-up from the time of aggregation until they finally axed local news entirely in 1994.

From memory, ATV10 in Melbourne had briefly switched to a half-hour news in Melbourne over the Christmas-New Year break. So in this instance, Albury/Shepparton/Ballarat would have had Ten Eyewitness News from Melbourne at 6.00, while in Bendigo/Gippsland they maintained the local news at 6.00 and had the Melbourne news on delay at 6.30.

From 20 January, when Ten moved its news to a one-hour at 5.00pm, Southern Cross launched its 6.30 “national” Eyewitness News with Rob Gaylard as per the article posted above. Bendigo and Gippsland kept the 6.00 local news, and Ballarat/Shepparton/Albury showed the dating show Studs at 6.00, which Ten showed at 7.00.


It would have happened mid 90’s when they started having greyhound racing every night except Sunday, and started to squeeze a few twilight meetings.


Sky Channel, pre-pay TV was, in general terms, a pub entertainment channel featuring sport, music and other add ons.

They did simulcast National Nine News, rotating between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane at 6pm.

The service was streamlined with the introduction of pay TV in the mid-90s… sport other than racing would be hived off to Premier Sports (the fore runner to Fox Sports).

Nine, which owned Sky, would eventually own 25% of Foxtel which would spur further consolidation of format.


The major add on they had was Boxing, where pubs and clubs often rang to subscribe and get the big fights from the US before Main Event came on stream. They even sponsored Jeff Fenech for a few years during his fights with Azumah Nelson.