Classic TV Listings


Sydney TV listings: Friday, February 4, 2005
Sporting events weren’t listed by the site

6.00 Clowning Around
6.25 Bounty Hamster
6.35 Harry & the Wrinklies
7.00 George & Martha
7.25 Pongwiffy
7.35 Madeleine
8.00 Bob the Builder
8.10 Pingu
8.15 Boo!
8.25 Sali Mali
8.30 Bear in the Big Blue House
9.00 Fimbles
9.20 Andy Pandy
9.25 Bananas in Pyjamas
9.30 Play School
10.00 The Hoobs
10.25 Franklin
10.50 Merlin the Magical Puppy
11.00 Bob the Builder
11.10 Babar
11.35 Brambly Hedge
12.00 Midday News and Business
12.30 Oliver’s Twist
1.00 Classic Parkinson
2.00 Black Books
2.25 My Family
3.00 Poko
3.25 Max & Ruby
3.30 Play School
4.00 Peppa Pig
4.05 Postman Pat
4.20 Sheeep
4.30 El Nombre
4.35 Chalk Zone
5.00 Roller Coaster
5.25 Powers
5.50 Mr. Bean (animated)
6.00 Message Stick
6.35 A Place in Greece
7.00 ABC News
7.30 The 7.30 Report
8.00 French Leave
8.30 Murder Investigation Team
9.40 Dalziel and Pascoe
10.35 Dead Ringers
11.00 ABC News Late Edition
11.15 The Kumars at No. 42
11.50 Rage

6.00 Sunrise
9.00 Bambaloo
9.30 Passions
10.30 Seven Morning News
11.00 Trading Spouses
12.00 Movie “Close to Danger”
2.00 Blue Heelers
3.00 She Spies
4.00 Go Go Stop
4.30 Seven News at 4.30
5.00 MAS*H
5.30 Deal or No Deal
6.00 Seven News
6.30 Today Tonight
7.00 Home and Away
7.30 Better Homes & Gardens
8.30 Movie “The King and I”
11.30 Lost
12.30 Jeremiah
1.30 Wayne Brady
2.00 Guthy-Renker Australia
3.30 Hang Time
4.00 NBC Today

6.00 Today
9.00 Here’s Humphrey
9.30 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
10.00 Diagnosis Murder
11.00 National Nine Morning News
11.30 Girlfriends
12.00 Dr. Phil
1.00 Days of Our Lives
2.00 Cricket (after researching a bit, I found out that it was Australia v. Pakistan from the MCG)
6.00 National Nine News
6.30 A Current Affair
7.00 Cricket (did that match continued through the evening?)
10.00 Comedy Inc.
11.00 Nightline
11.30 The Twilight Zone
12.30 Late Show with David Letterman
1.30 Movie “Chicago Cab”
3.20 Gretchen Wilson
3.30 Bernie Mac
4.00 Entertainment Tonight
4.30 Good Morning America

6.00 Totally Wild
6.30 Aerobics Oz Style
7.00 Cheez TV
8.30 In the Box
9.00 GMA with Bert Newton
11.00 Huey’s Cooking Adventures
11.30 Ten News
12.00 Jerry Springer
1.00 Ed
2.00 Oprah Winfrey
3.00 Huey’s Cooking Adventures
3.30 Judge Judy
4.00 Scooter: Secret Agent
4.30 Bold and the Beautiful
5.00 Ten News
6.00 Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
6.30 Neighbours
7.00/7.30/8.00 The Simpsons
8.30 Movie “Billy Elliot”
10.40 Ten News
11.10 Sports Tonight
11.40 Blokesworld
12.10 Video Hits Uncut
2.00 Home Shopping
4.00 Scream Test
5.00 This is Your Day
5.30 Christian City TV

6.00 Cantonese News
6.20 Mandarin News
6.50 Filipino News
7.25 Italian News
8.00 Das Journal
8.30 Spanish News
9.20 Le Journal
9.55 Russian News
10.30 Greek News
11.30 Arabic News
12.05 Indonesian News
12.30 Nightly Business Report
1.00 Evolution “What About God?” (US)
2.00 The New Americans (US)
3.00 Fashion House (UK)
3.30 Wine Lovers’ Guide to Australia
4.00 Toyota World Sport
4.30 The Journal
5.00 Newshour with Jim Lehrer
6.00 Global Village
6.30 SBS World News
7.00 Toyota World Sport
7.30 Lonely Planet Six Degrees
8.20 Hotline
8.30 Inspector Rex (Austria)
9.30 SBS World News Tonight
10.00 Bound for Pleasure (New Zealand documentary about BDSM)
10.55 Movie “Rinaldo” (Hungary)
12.25 Movie “The Rules of the Game” (Taiwan)
2.10 temporary close
5.00 Weatherwatch & Music
5.25 Japanese News


Something a little bit different. For Australia Day in 1982, SBS devoted a week to pay tribute to the early Australian film industry, with focus on director Ken G Hall.

SBS also screened a five-part documentary series, Aussies From All Over, featuring people of all different backgrounds and how they are experiencing their traditional cultures alongside that of their new Australian home.

Source: TV Week


Meanwhile, here’s Australia Day for 1982, Sydney:

Source: TV Week

It was a different time… Rolf Harris hosts the Australia Day Live concert!

And it’s a big night of drama for Channel Ten. The Restless Years, Holiday Island and Punishment. All shows axed during 1981 just playing out their remaining episodes over the summer. TEN10 must have been keen to get The Restless Years out of the way before the ratings begins in February. They ran the final episodes as a 3-hour marathon on Friday 12 February, just days before the ratings kicks off the following Sunday!


Melbourne TV listings: Saturday, May 6, 2000
from The Age

6.00 Rage (cont’d)
12.00 Stateline
12.30 Softball: Western Australia v. South Australia
1.30 FIFA TV
2.00 VFL: Williamston v. Essendon (includes AFL updates and highlights)
5.00 Netball: Sydney Swifts v. Melbourne Phoenix
6.00 Silent Sentinels
7.00 ABC News
7.30 Maisie Raine (ABC News at 8.25)
8.30 The Bill (ABC News at 9.25)
9.30 Parkinson (guest Victoria Wood)
10.25 Wing and a Prayer
11.15 Tracey Takes on… “Vegas”
11.40 Rage (simulcast on Triple J from 1am)

HSV7 (Seven)
6.00 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (animated)
6.30 Saved by the Bell: The New Class
7.00 Saturday Disney
9.00 Science Court
9.30 Flipper & Lopaka
10.00 The Wiggles
10.30 Boy Meets World
11.00 Saved by the Bell: The New Class
11.30 USA High
12.00 Rugby Union: Super 12 highlights
1.00 Movie “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”
3.30 Just AFL
4.00 The Olympic Show
4.30 Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures
5.00 Around the Ground
6.00 Seven News
6.30 The World Around Us “Ice Whales”
7.30 AFL: Adelaide v. Kangaroos, followed by Richmond v. West Coast at 10.20
12.30 Minder “Broken Arrow”
1.40 LAPD: Life on the Beat
2.10 Telemall Shopping
3.10 Victor Paul Shopping
4.10 Movie “Kavik the Wolf Dog”

GTV9 (Nine)
6.00 World Sport
6.30 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
7.00 Goodsports
7.30 Now You See It
8.00 Today on Saturday
9.00 The Cool Room
10.30 Crocadoo “The Big Dry”
11.00 Pig’s Breakfast
11.30 Gilligan’s Island
12.00 Burke’s Backyard
1.00 Police Academy: The Series
2.00 Movie “The Desperate Man”
4.00 Movie "Little Giants (Keno at 5.59)
6.00 National Nine News
6.30 Starstruck
7.30 Russell Gilbert Live
8.30 Movie “Grumpy Old Men” (Newsbreak at 10.40)
10.45 Walker, Texas Ranger
11.45 Pensacola: Wings of Gold
12.45 Late Show with David Letterman
1.40 Movie “Bloodfist II”
3.15 Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
4.15 Lawman
4.45 High Adventure
5.00 Jesse Duplantis Ministries
5.30 Creflo A. Dollar Jr.

ATV10 (Ten)
6.00 Dennis the Menace
6.30 Sports Tonight (repeat)
7.00 Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures
7.30 Fudge
8.00 Totally Wild
8.30 Driven Crazy
9.00 Video Hits
11.30 High Flyers
12.00 Bright Ideas
2.00 Motorcycle Racing: Spanish 500cc GP (round 4)
4.00 Tomorrow’s Sun (documentary)
5.00 Ten News
5.30 Sports Tonight
6.00 Judge Judy
6.30 The House of Hits
7.30 Movie “McHale’s Navy”
9.30 Good News Week
11.00 Ten News
11.30 Sports Tonight
12.00 Air America
1.00 A Year to Remember
2.00 Telemall Shopping
3.00 Victor Paul Shopping
4.00 Life is for Living
5.00 Hour of Power

6.00 Cantonese News
6.25 Mandarin News
6.55 Telegiornale
7.30 Das Journal
8.00 Ta Nea Ton Ennea
9.00 Le Journal
9.30 Sevodnia
10.10 Telediario
11.00 Siaran Berita
11.30 The Journal
12.00 Nightly Business Report
12.30 Opera: The Rake’s Progress
2.40 Roman Opalka: From One to Infinity (Poland)
3.15 Opalka’s Millennium (France)
3.30 Champions League highlights
4.30 World Soccer
5.30 Premier League highlights
6.30 SBS World News
7.00 World Sport
7.30 As It Happened
8.30 Operation Good Guys
9.30 Iggy Pop (French documentary)
10.05 Movie “Camera vs Barugon” (Japan)
11.50 Eat Carpet
12.55 Movie “Life & Extraordinary Adventures of Private Chonkin” (Czech Republic)
2.45 temporary close
5.00 Weatherwatch & Music


Hi would anyone be able to upload the listings for March 22, 1992 please? IT"s the day i was born


Today’s TV: 29.1.1979, Sydney



Source: TV Week


Today’s TV: 30.1.1984, Adelaide

Source: TV Radio Extra

It’s not listed as a premiere but I suspect this may have been the debut for Perfect Match as it debuted on the same date in Melbourne and I would be surprised if it appeared earlier in Adelaide.


Interesting to see Seven Adelaide airing In Search Of . I only ever remember that series going to air under the name Great Mysteries of the World in Sydney. I was aware of the original name because it was sometimes mentioned during the show. The Great Mysteries opener and Leonard Nimoy’s creepy narration always freaked me out as a kid and some of the subject matter (UFOs, Big Foot, Loch Ness Monster, Ghosts) was the stuff of nightmares. Surprised my parents let me watch it.

The show was topped and tailed by Scott Lambert in Sydney and aired on a Saturday or Sunday at 5pm (2x30min eps). I used to wonder how Scott managed to change his suit so quickly in time to read Seven National News at 6pm.

Did Melbourne and Brisbane use local presenters to introduce the show in the same way they did for other doco series like Our World and The World Around Us?


I had no idea In Search Of went by another name? In Melbourne it was always aired as In Search Of, usually on a Sunday afternoon. I’m not aware that it had any locally hosted intro, but it is not a show I watched often although I do remember the end credits strangely enough.

YouTube: texaswarhawk

I only just recently learned that Scott Lambert, Channel 7 presenter in Sydney in the 1980s, was the same as the actor Scott Lambert who appeared (and was blown to pieces) in Number 96 in the 1970s.


If was In Search of … in Brisbane as well.

In the closing credits I have on tape when Leonard Nimoy says “travelling the word” we got this :slight_smile:


The repackaging as Great Mysteries of the World must’ve been a Sydney thing. The opener was very different to that clip you posted- it featured creepy orchestral music and a grainy black and white shot of Dracula attacking someone that had me covering my face with a cushion. That electronic theme played over the credits at the end, however.


One show that did used to freak me out back in the day was That’s Incredible. A lot of the segments on the show were cheesy stories about people doing heroic things or animals that could perform brain surgery, that sort of thing… but they also used to do segments about creepy things like ghosts or haunted houses or whatever and I could never get to sleep afterwards. It often meant I could stay up late and watch Skyways with my parents. So I think after a while I cottoned on to being “freaked out” watching That’s Incredible more often, because I quite liked Skyways :stuck_out_tongue:


I wondered how he made the leap from Number 96 to newsreader when I learned he had been in that show. I’m guessing it had something to do with his looks and that magnificent porn star moustache he sported. I remember being disappointed when ATN replaced him with Greg Granger, a hard hitting Nine News reporter, on weekend news. The only evidence i can find of Lambert on You Tube is him introducing this Australia Day 1988 doco:

Enjoyed that show when I was a kid. Happy memories sitting around the TV with the family on a Saturday night watching “feel good” television. Can’t remember being particularly freaked out about it but I probably payed more attention during segments when they had animals doing stupid tricks. I do remember really enjoying and taking notice of the style of presentation from the three American hosts.


Used to always annoy me to see the 3 hosts introduce themselves to camera from the back of the studio audience, so naturally the audience was facing the stage and not them. I used to think how stupid to have the hosts behind the audience. I was 8 or 9 so I hadn’t really figured out that’s just theatrics for TV :grin:


You have me watching clips of the show on YouTube and I just noticed that along with the over enthusiasm of the audience yelling out “That’s Incredible” and clapping every time a host finishes a sentence.


It was very cheesy but for some reason the ghost stories stood out for me but as I said I think after a while I would just bung on the freak out act so I could stay up late :wink:

I vaguely recall a similar show called Real People. Possibly on Channel 10? But not as well known as That’s Incredible.


I don’t recall Real People but it’s interesting to note there were plenty of examples of reality television around back then before we the explosion of the genre saw it take over our screens towards the end of the 1990s.


Today’s TV: 1.2.1983, Melbourne.

Source: TV Week

Viewers find out who dies in the prison fire that ended Prisoner last season?

From TV Scene…

and TV Week…


Wasn’t this version of Family Feud a Channel Nine production between 1977 to 1984?
Daryl Somers on Channel Seven seems so unusual as he so affiliated with Nine…


Was produced at GTV9 and seen on 9 in Melbourne and Sydney but on 7 in Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.