Classic TV Listings


I think it only moved to midday when it moved across to Channel 9. I suspect that 0-10 tried to avoid having the show compete with Days Of Our Lives but that’s just speculation


Today’s TV: 21.1.1980, Melbourne

Source: TV Week

  • The first weekday for ATV10 and Arcade begins in its regular weeknight timeslot
  • Channel 7 has already got Cop Shop and Skyways back for the new year, and has launched a new game show, Celebrity Tattletales.


Interesting …9 News at 9.30pm


7News bulletin at 8.30.


summer time bulletin. All 3 commercial channels did them at various stages through the 70s and possibly early 80s. For some reason they never went back to the idea.


Did Pamela Graham co-read the HSV7 bulletin?

Did Mal Walden ever do double header bulletins for Seven back then?


Not that I know of. Not during the 1980s anyway.

Pamela Graham I think was relief newsreader on weekends and was even speculated as a candidate to replace Brian Naylor when he went over to Nine, but that role ended up going to Mal Walden.

She was at Seven for years and went on to be a reporter for the Hinch program and then Talk To The Animals but seemed to just disappear from TV. No idea what she did after that.


Rob Gell was already presenting weather on Ten Melbourne in 1980.


He started at ATV0 in 1979, as did Jana Wendt.


Today’s TV: 22.1.1971, Brisbane

Source: TV Week

Would seem this was either a transition period for QTQ9’s logos as both are on display here… or maybe TV Week was just still using old templates in running ads for Nine


What was happening with Days of our Lives? 15 mins?


No idea. Very odd.


I’m amazed Stefan was doing infomercials as early as 1971 if that’s Stefan Ackerie presenting the five minute Hair Care and Fashion show.


NT, 26 March 1989 (This is the only Sunday Territorian pre-2000 issue avaliable on public library #myfriend)

Also #myfriend, do you think that Eight became 24/7 once the station became Nine?


Interesting that up until 3pm or thereabouts 8 and Imparja were taking live programming without delaying it from eastern time.


Also interesting to note that Imparja closed at 9am for a bit.


Much earlier than that, it was still branded as Channel Eight right through until the early 2000s.


NTD8 was still shutting down over night in 2002. But I don’t know when it started going 24/7


Would love to know what the 5 minute Aboriginal Info show was like and about.


More ABTD9 #myfriends … 1975