Classic TV Listings


Today’s TV: 19.1.1980, Melbourne.

Source: TV Week

The last day of ATV0, relaunching at 10 the next day. TV Week listing shows both “10/0” channel numbers for the whole week. (Possibly their templates didn’t have the option to list “ATV0” on Saturday and “ATV10” for the rest of the week, so just showed both numbers? I don’t know)


Didn’t ATV remain on the 0 signal for a brief period following the move to 10?


It did but TV Week listed 10 from the day before the changeover.

I remember being amused at being able to switch the channels between 0 and 10 and seeing the same picture. I was an easily amused child.

I don’t recall how long the simulcast period lasted, maybe a couple of weeks? Not sure of that.


ULTRA RARE AGAIN #myfriends - ABTD9 1975



Regional NT, 2008

Listing avaliable for the whole week but the page is too big.


Channel 9 Adelaide was still doing them the home games from Adelaide oval right to about 96/97 I think


I didn’t realise that about Adelaide, but you reminded me Nine Perth also did them WACA matches which Sports Australia on Optus Vision took.


#myfriend, did Tennant had sepetate local news with Darwin?


I doubt they would have bothered for such a small town


Well could be, but the problem is they listed the opt-out as 6:55 as “LOCAL News”, not “TERRITORY News”, #myfriend.

I know the newspapers could have different naming for ABC Regional News, but this, however, worth a conspiracy, #myfriend .


I think for “Territory News” it means a separate bulletin for the Northern Territory, which includes Darwin and Tennant Creek and any other sites connected to the same link up north, while regional Queensland stations got “Regional News”.


I know Territory News is NT-wide local bulletin, but how 'bout “Local News”, #myfriend (check ABTD9 1975 listings)


I think “Local News” and “Territory News” are one and the same. Tennant Creek is a tiny town in the middle of the desert, probably way smaller then as it still is now, it’s not likely to have had its own local news just for its area.


From memory, the only ‘hyper local’ news Imparja produced was separate statewide updates after their bulletin was axed. They never offered a dedicated news service for any particular town or locality.


Given the Territory as a whole didn’t warrant its own news service I think it’s hoghly improbable they were doing opt outs for tiny towns within the NT.

Speaking of which, this would have post Tracey wouldn’t it? Is it possible ABC Darwin and the Territory generally wasn’t fully up and running again in the wake of the cyclone and the direct relay of Queensland without the 30 minute delay, plus the lack of a full news service, was a result of infrastructure still being rebuilt?


But the problem is Alice Springswas relayed from Adelaide, so did they had to make another local news or just switch relay sýtem from Adelaide to Darwin forr just 5 min ? Sound weird #myfriend


Looking at the 2008 NT listings, I assume Imparja’s 5.30 News was the Nine Brisbane bulletin? This was before CDT10 launched so I assume SC7 was still technically a Seven/Ten affiliate - it would be interesting to know how closely their schedule mirrored Seven - was it mainly just sport from took from Ten? I assume they were taking a feed from Seven Brisbane, including news, across the whole of the Remote licensing area at the time.


My understanding at the time was that ABAD7 in Alice Springs in the 1970s was run as a tape relay from Adelaide, so it was literally replaying tapes of programming that was aired a week earlier in Adelaide. I don’t know how it handled news except that viewers probably got the 7-day old Adelaide news as well!

Unfortunately information about TV in that part of the country from that era is very sketchy as very little is documented so a lot of our knowledge is based on speculation.


Melbourne TV listings: Monday, February 4, 1974
from The Age

7.00 Non-Stop Cartoon Carnival
8.30 Romper Room
9.30 Movie “The Perfect Marriage”
11.00 Roy Hampson
12.00 Room 222
12.30 The Price is Right
1.30 Mike Walsh
3.00 On Safari
3.30 The Amazing Three
4.00 Fun Palace
5.00 Jeff’s Collie
5.30 Littlest Hobo
6.00 News
6.30 Gilligan’s Island
7.00 The Price is Right
7.30 A Flea in My Ear
8.30 Number 96
9.30 Movie “Fiend Without a Face”
10.55 News
11.00 Mike Walsh
12.30 close

8.00 Sesame Street
8.55 test pattern/music
9.50 Play School
10.15 test pattern/music
1.00 ABC News
1.05 Movie “The World of Henry Orient”
2.50 Q.T. Hush
3.15 Flower Pot Men
3.30 Play School
4.00 Adventure Island
4.30 Sesame Street
5.25 Cartoons
5.40 Cisco Kid
6.05 F-Troop
6.30 GTK
6.40 Bellbird
6.55 This Week in Britain
7.00 ABC News
7.30 The Spinners
8.00 Sykes “Lodger”
8.30 ABC News
8.35 Callan
9.25 You’re Here to Work
10.25 ABC News
10.30 Survey “Beaten by Bailey”
11.25 close

7.00 Today
9.00 Dina & Percy
10.00 Movie “Monsieur Vincent”
12.00 Homicide
1.00 Crossroads
1.30 Concentration
2.00 Temptation
3.00 Emergency Line
4.00 After School
5.00 Beverly Hillbillies
5.30 Partridge Family
6.00 Bewitched
6.30 News
7.00 $25,000 Great Temptation
7.30 Peggy Fleming Visits the Soviet Union
8.30 News
9.00 Homicide
10.00 The Saint “Loaded Tourist”
11.00 News
11.10 Movie “The Triumph of Michael Strogoff”
1.15 close

7.00 Super Flying Fun Show
9.00 Here’s Humphrey
10.00 I’ve Got a Secret
10.30 Good Morning Vi
10.32 What’s My Line?
11.00 Peyton Place
11.30 A Current Affair
12.00 Days of Our Lives
12.55 News
1.00 No Man’s Land
1.30 Marcus Welby, MD
2.30 General Hospital
3.00 Spending Spree
3.30 Free for All
4.00 Cartoon Corner
5.00 Adventures of Superman
5.30 Bugs Bunny Show
6.00 Gambit
6.30 News
7.00 A Current Affair
7.30 Barnaby Jones
8.30 New Dick Van Dyke Show
9.00 Ernie Sigley
10.30 Thriller “The Cheaters”
11.30 News
11.35 Hunter “The Vaughn Jackson File”
12.35 Epilogue/close


I loved the children’s show with Dina Hislop! Percy was a toy penguin I think.
Never knew Mike Walsh was on at 1.30. I always thought it had the midday slot. There you go.,